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Last updated: April 12, 2019

CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONThis chapter provides the background for this study. It also gives the problem and significance in Smart Trash Bin Monitoring System using GSM and Raspberry Pi via Web Based. There are also containing the objective that needs to be achieved and scopes of the project.

Background of StudyAccording to the statistics from Simon Kemp (2017) in Malaysia, the number of internet penetration in Malaysia is at 71% which is quite high compared with Thailand and Indonesia which recorded penetration is 67% and 51% respectively based on figure 1.1. Internet of Things (IoT) is the system administrator of physical items with the assistance of sensor (Andrea Zanella, 2014). IoT depends on the internet.

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Therefore, having stable and reliable internet is necessary and essential for IoT. The main reason we come up with smart trash bin can change the way at the trash bin and as well enjoy the function that it can bring. The smart trash bin will also improve the quality of life and make our life more convenient.

Figure 1.1 Percentage of the internet penetration by country(Source: Simon Kemp, 2017)A normal trash bin that mounted technology equipment that consists of sensor technology, GSM technology and other more. Smart trash bin constantly checks the current level measurement. When the maximum level measurement is reached full, the smart trash bin will notify the admin to collect the trash. Smart trash bin also gives the notification to this project because it can make easier to worker manage the trash bin. The proposed smart trash bin is projected that using Raspberry Pi 3, GSM SIM900 and Ultrasonic Sensor. In this venture consolidates, learning in the fieldof broadcast communications and registering by sending a short message (SMS) by means of a modem that is Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) cell phones to be utilized and examined and drilled to this extent.

Therefore, Raspberry Pi is used to end up notice by the primary framework that can control or direct another for influencing it to work legitimately. This program can control gadget hardware that utilization the framework. The coding of gadget that needs to be utilized can characteristics in the Raspberry Pi software framework or on the web-based.1.2 Problem StatementNowadays, there are a lot of problems that had been facing regarding the environment pollution caused by waste from the spill out of trash such as knowing bin has been full in the public places because the cleaning workers rarely take out the trash. In figure 1.

2, mostly 76% agreed that surrounding is polluted by the trash bin. It will make people feel uncomfortable when seeing a lot of trash littered on the floor. It is also make cleaning workers difficult to their work because they need to monitor in every rubbish dispose area and it is also can waste the time. This is because the workers must pick the rubbish even the trash bin does not full.

Figure 1.2 Percentage the surrounding is polluted by the trashIn our environment, there is much rubbish that has been prepared for the people. It will ease people the dispose the rubbish at the right place. Based on my survey, 59.5% believe that the cleaner does not take fast action to collect the trash. Infrequently, when the trash bin is full, the management team clean up always take simple solution and slow to take action for collecting the rubbish based on figure 1.3.

The rubbish always full every day, so the cleaner does not want to accept the instruction about the overflowing rubbish inside the trash bin. The smart trash bin can help to save time by notifying the workers to collect the trash bin only when the dustbin is full.Figure 1.3 Percentage of the cleaner team fast action to collect the trash1.

3 Objective ProjectThe main objectives of this project are:1. To develop a smart trash bin monitoring system using GSM that send data information from one place to another place.2. To monitor the trash bin uses the communication system for sending information data. 1.

4 Scope of ProjectThe scope of this project are:1. This system focused on the Hospital Kota Tinggi2. This project using Raspberry Pi, GSM SIM900A and Ultrasonic Sensor3. The trash will operate by using an ultrasonic sensor to get the notification1.

5 Significance of ProjectThe significance of this project are:1. To solve problem rubbish not collect and make ease monitoring the trash bin.2. To help the cleaner to do other work and not focus to collect the rubbish in every time.3. To solve the problem that faced by the management of cleaning.

1.6 Chapter SummaryIn conclusion, the project has been discussed about the background of the project, problem statement, objectives, project scope, and project significance. This project will discuss the best solution for each problem.


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