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Male gender dominant

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 Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, beliefs and habitats. Education includes storytelling, discussion, teaching, Training, and directed research. Education frequently takes place under the guidance of educators, but students may also educate themselves.  Education takes place in formal or informal settings and any experience that has a formative effect on how one thinks, feels, or act which may be considered educational. While the methodology of teaching is known as pedagogy. According to Arthur W. Foshy (1991) the purpose of education is for students to develop intellectual, to serve social needs, to contribute to the economy, to prepare students for a job or a career.
 In the education system it is seen that females are commonly found teaching rather than males. According to Dr. Martin Robb, it is important to have a gender balance workforce for all kinds of reasons.

Statement of the problem
Unfortunately gender stigma are dominating the importance of a career for a teacher. According to Katherine Sellgren (5 October, 2016) there is only 15% of male teaching in a class room in England. Male teacher are locking the experience that one will cherish for a life time. In an interview Jack Green mention and I quote “we need more positive male teaching role models to help dispel some of the myths about teaching and show what a challenge and rewarding it is”.

Purpose of the study.

The main point of this research is to investigate why males are no attracted to primary education in Corozal Junior College. The main reason why we decided to do this topic is basically to figure out what’s the gender stigma between primary education and other courses. Our attention was driven to this topic because out of 32 students only 2 males are involved into the career of primary education which was difficult for us to just ignore. We want to break down walls that has given a bad concept about boys taking primary education and those that are into other courses. The theory behind the walls has been repeated ever since it is time to make a difference. Changes are needed in every individual concept about boy that taking primary education.
Research question
Our main concern is why male is not interested to venture into the career of primary education? Which we gave a formal topic “MALE GENDER DOMINANT”. We are interested about this topic because approximately 400 students attending CJC, only 8 male students are venturing into this career. The question we keep asking is why male do not want to complete their profession in the career of primary education. This concept which we came to our own conclusion and we believe gender play a big role where not all boys feel comfortable to mingle with girls and this profession because we believe:
It’s too feminine
It’s a low wage pay
Formal dressing
Lots of lesson plan
It 2 years and 6 month to complete this course.

Target Population:
Our main target population are CJC students. Approximately 50 students will be given the opportunity to be involve in this research. The main target will be males specifically, those that are from other courses which will be first years and also opportunity so we can have a main idea why they are not interested in primary education also. First year male who are taking primary education will also be given the opportunity to give their own concept about primary education.

If more male students venture into primary education then gender stigma will be equal within the environment.

For this research participant will be targeted. There will be misconception between participants which is nature to:
1. Disagree
2. Withdraw
3. Time consuming
4. Feeling uncomfortable
This are the area that must be implement and modify. Participants may somehow revel their emotional and it’s important to respect their own opinion.

Definition of terms:
Dominant- commanding, controlling, or prevailing over all others
-most important, powerful, or influential.

Facilitating- make (an action or process) easy or easier.

Acquisition- the learning or developing of a skill, habit, or quality
Methodology- a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity.

Pedagogy- is the art of teaching children
Stigma- a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person.


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