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CHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTIONBACKGORUND OF RESEARHQuran is the last holy book that was sent down by Allah to the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W through Jibril A.

S. The Quran is a useful source of reference used in life. It’s a guidance for individuals and the community, all classes of people living in any place or time and for the salvation of life in the world and the hereafter. Muslims are always conscious of preserving the purity of the Qur’an. An effort to maintain the sanctity of Quran include the process of memorizing the Qur’an. Memorization of Quran was first implemented by Prophet Muhmmad S.A.

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W. Every time our Prophet Muhammad receives his revelation, he will continue to memorize it and then delivered to his companions and they are commanded to memorize and practice it. The implementation of memorizing Quran was pursued by the establishment of Quranic Institute.

In Malaysia, there were many Quranic Institute was established in order to maintain the purity of Quran. Moreover, this Quranic institute provide both religious and academic education. As a result, awareness among parents arise to send their children to this religious school as it was balance in the aspect of knowledge of dunya and akhirah. The religious education itself actually leave an impact to the student in Quranic institute.This research focused on the student in Kolej Integrasi Tahfiz Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor.

This college is one of the centre provide education in memorizing located in Sabak Bernam. This research study their developmental history and student entry requirement. This study also discussed the impact of learning on student emotions and morals. This study also to identify the method use in learning process in Quranic institute.1.1 PROBLEM STATEMENTMany Muslim aware on the importance responsibility of memorizing the Quran. because a muslim believe that deeds is a practices draw them closer to Allah S.W.

T. The process of memorizing the Quran is not an easy task. It requires certain characteristic to facilitate the learning process. Method of learning is a very important role in producing high quality student. Effective education is not only depending on the teachers and teaching methods alone.

the aspects of students’ readiness and personality is the key element to the success and effectiveness of this education programme (Norlizah Che Hassan, 2015). Characteristic of student become essential to ensure that the effectiveness of Tahfiz education in order to produce a quality student.Truly, a title a memorizer of Quran is a very high status and in the sight of Allah SWT and honorable human side. this glory because it is a direct trust of Allah S.

W.T on them to take responsibility for the care of memorization. After a person memorize the whole Quran, he shall preserve and maintain it so that memorizing is not lost from memory.

The memorizer of quran will definitely try to imitate and practice the values of the Quran which then produce the Quranic personality. Problem arise when learning system is not integrated among the Quranic Institution. Different institute used different method on their learning system. The used of correct and effective method of learning can produce a good performance and quality of Quran memorizer.

Some parents make tahfiz as an option when they are unable to control the behavior of children. Quranic Institution was chosen as an effort to restore the children who are facing moral problems or learning. Consequently, the perception of tahfiz and the atmosphere of the institution is quite diverse.

The problem presented is expected to be detailed and can find the best solution through an analysis of learning system and method of memorization used in the learning system. Further discussion on analysis about the impact of memorizing Quran towards student emotion and personality in producing good quality of Quran memorizer.1.2 PURPOSE OF THE RESEARCHThis study is important to know the process of teaching and learning in Kolej Integrasi Tahfiz Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor as a center of religious studies and Islamic centers that produce the successful memorization of the Quran. This makes a start in producing a successful of Quran memorizer in the world and the hereafter as well as other experts in the field. Importance of memorizing the Quran in maintaining the sanctity of the Quran and maintain a good reading. This study consists several methods of memorizing the Quran from a system and method implemented in Kolej Integrasi Tahfiz Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor to be practiced by all levels of society in general and particular to the Quran memorizer.RESEARCH OBJECTIVES To discover the developmental history and entry requirement of Kolej Integrasi Thafiz Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor.

To review the methodology of teaching and learning at the Kolej Integrasi Tahfiz Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor. To identify the impact of Quran memorization towards student moral in term of purification of the soul RESEARCH QUESTION What is the developmental history at Kolej Integrasi Thafiz Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor? What is the methodology of teaching and learning used in Kolej Integrasi Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor? Did memorization of Quran practices give or leave an impact towards student moral. SIGNIFICANT OF STUDYThis research will be benefited to the Quranic institution. It can assist the Quranic institution to strengthen and improve system to produce the Quran memorizer with a great ability and quality. In addition, this study would be able to assist Quranic institution on determining student entry requirement through standardization of system. This is because we want to produce Quran memorizer that has good quality in personality also morality and has ability and skill to enter various field in the future. In addition, memorizing Quran is seen as main stronghold of the youth who particularly stuck with immoral activities.

Quran itself is a best healer and protector for every human being who practice it. In the same time, researchers make these writings as an inspiration for the Quran memorizer in diversifying their memorization techniques as well as help them to uphold the sanctity of the Qur’an.This study also was carried out to ensure the reading and memorizing the Qur’an continue to bring fresh culture in society and propose alternative for the process of spiritual development, particularly in establishing the Quran reading for students of Kolej Integrasi Tahfiz Tunas Ilmuwan Selangor. These steps will not only added value of Quran memorier in terms of reading al-Qur’an but they can appreciate the value of practices contained therein.METHODOLOGY OF THE STUDYIn this section the study uses a methodology that appropriately to attain the objective.

It is divided into three subsections: the research approach, data collection and data analyze. Research approachThe study uses historical and ethnography approach. Historical approach used to get or know the background of the institute and study the history of how the institutions founded. This approach also to look at the conduct and performance of the institution in determining and selecting qualified student to enter the institution. The approach used also to identify the implemented system to produce a memorizer of the Quran. This study is a descriptive survey method to obtain an information. This study aims to determine the impact of memorizing Quran towards the morality, personality, emotion and behavior of students at KITTIS.In addition, the second method is ethnography approach.

The central aim of ethnography is to provide rich, holistic insights into people views and actions, as well as the nature of the location they inhabit, through the collection of detailed observations and interviews. The task of ethnographers is to document the culture, the perspectives and practices, of the people in these settings or places. This method is used to obtain information through a group or students at KITTIS and the teachers at the institute in greater depth. Both methods are suitable to use in order to achieve the objective of this study.1.6.

2 Location of research This study focused on the institution itself and students who are studying in KITTIS. In addition, this study also involving the teachers and those who involved directly or indirectly in the learning process Memorization Quran. Several sets of questions unstructured been created specifically to collect data about institution establishment history, entry requirement and also memorizing methods used in teaching and learning process. Interviews and observations conducted in centers of memorizing Quran related to learning and teaching also daily activities to helping students memorize the whole Quran.1.6.3 Data collectionIn completing this study, two methods were used to obtain the relevant materials with the objectivity of the study.

These methods are the method of observation and interviews. Through these methods, the findings will be compiled and analyzed precisely.Observation: It is the way to collect the data by watching, listening and draw conclusion. Method is used to identify the approach and techniques used by the institute in order to produce Quran memorizer who can recite the Quran by memorizing more effectiveness.Interview: This method used to collect the data about the historical institution, student entry requirement, method of teaching and learning, emotional and behavioral effect towards student in memorizing Quran.

Interviews were conducted informally by using open-ended questions. It aims to explore the idea or feeling informants. This method also was used to interview the students and teachers at this institution for their views related to the techniques used in this institution. 1.6.4 Data AnalysisThe data analysis can be started before data collection has been completed. Data analysis is more than conducting statistical analysis; it involves interpretation and presentation of data.

Researchers have analysed data collected in the form of qualitative. Techniques by researcher’s analysis data were using content analysis patterns and analysis of the dilemma. First, researchers using content analyze when the data collected through observation, data the form of interviews.For qualitative research, the researcher analyses the content of each interview and also active listening and examine the contents of the discussion in the interview to maintain the validity of the data. Content subsequently transcribed interview analysed manually. Quote the actual expressions of study participants and pledged support data in relation to the research questions without judging whether the response given is right or wrong. Next, the data subdivided into unit’s meaningful analysis. When a significant segment of data is detected, the segment will be categorized.

This process continues until all the data has been segmented. Important content of the transcript interviews was recorded and categorized in an appropriate theme.1.7 LITERATURE REVIEW Memorization is known as important process in gaining knowledge. Memorize become essential in order to attain important event or point and prevent us from the loss of important information. Memorizing is one of the important methods used in exploring and understanding the knowledge of Qur’an. Memorizing Quran is a challenging task.

It requires a neat preparation before they keep on memorizing. Memorizing requires discipline and motivation. Criteria and personality of memorizer could determine the level of person’s ability to go through memorizing process.In fact, certain characteristic is needed to facilitate the learning process for those who are involved in memorizing the Quran. In learning process, effective education is not only depending on the teachers and teaching methods alone. Instead, the students’ readiness and personality itself is the key element to the success and effectiveness of this education programme (Blank & Alas, 2009) Thus, to ensure the effectiveness of learning process in Tahfiz education, the students characteristic and school entry requirement should be standardized in selecting students. These approaches will help the institution to select qualified students.

Research on Tahfiz student characteristic by Norlizah Che Hassan (2015) stated four characteristics of Tahfiz students. The characteristics of student are the ability to recite Quran, the ability to memorize Quran, excel in academic and religious subject and have passion in Thafiz education include parents support.

The ability of reciting and memorizing Quran closely related. Those who are able to recite the Quran will also able to memorize very well including the correct pronunciations along with tajweed. In the memorization of Quran, academic subject such as Mathematics, Science and Language should not be denied. This case has significant value in the birth of the Muslim community who have a creative thinking ability, critical and innovation in science but plus the power of appreciation and teaching of the Qur’an (Mohd Shahril, 2013). Without interest and passion in memorizing Quran, students will lack in motivation to complete the memorizing of 30 Chapters of the Quran within specified time. Some students who enrol in Tahfiz get a motivation and support from their parents. With the support dan encouragement provided by parents can help in raising the interest of student.

(Mawardi, 2010) stated that there is relation between parents’ support and student interest with the children enrolment in Tahfiz schools.Memorizing Quran is not an easy thing to be done by every Muslim. Quran memorization process requires the person to have some skills beforehand that was to recite Qur’an well, with proper smooth reading. Only then someone began to memorize the Quran. To produce a good and strong memorization and be able to remember all 30 chapters of the Quran, the Muslim individual must follow the specific rules to ensure his memorization is really stick well in his mind (Sedek Ariffin 2013).Various method used in learning and memorizing process.

Abdul Hafiz (2015) expressing in his study that the best and most lasting effect in the process of memorizing the Quran is the guidance given by the teacher or lecturer at institutions. The guidance provided by this teacher will create a learning system that should be applied to students in a Tahfiz institution. The coordination of the curriculum in a tahfiz institution is not a guarantee in producing a good huffaz but he application and the value resulting from the guidance of teachers will produce huffaz with a great quality and skill.Azmil Hashim (2013) in his study stated that education development center in Malaysia in memorizing Quran move with the bow itself by the emergence of private schools and public schools of memorizing Quran.

Consequently, any state or Quranic institutions are free to use any of the curriculum and teaching methods from any country to taste and educational background of the individual teacher. This causes teachers to teach memorizer based on their experience without following certain rules. As a result, the study was not performed according to the method of teaching a specific and orderly.Nowadays, world requires professional huffaz in terms of its intellectual intelligence, morals and superior self-esteem in addition to being viable to lead the world. The Quran’s allegations in education flows in Malaysia had a very positive impact on the personality and student academic excellence. Combining between Quranic and academic knowledge in an integrated manner greatly helps the student excellence not only in curriculum but in term of personality and morals (Anis Syahirah Fauzan 2017).

Salasiah et al. (2012) proved that spiritual practice influencing academic achievement and performance. A country needs a strong generation of mental and intellectual aspects that results from this spirituality practice. The researcher believes that KITTIS has its own entry requirement in choosing qualified student. As well as method of memorize the Qur’an in addition to improve the academic quality of the students. Studies conducted by researchers previously stated various methods of memorization and the various methods in Islamic institutions in different ways. This demonstrates the diversity of methods in memorizing the Qur’an, including what is applied in KITTIS. Based on previous research, the researchers believe that through Quran memorizing practices by tahfiz student in KITTIS affect their moral and emotions.

1.8 CONCLUSIONIn summary, the first chapter overall to see regarding the issues and objectives of the study. Starting from the problem until the methodology of the study, the researcher believes this study could be carried out successfully. To deepen this study, this chapter describes in detail the relevant topics of study with viewing previous studies in literature review topic.


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