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Chapter 0The Legend of the Kaleidoscope. Long ago, humans weren’t the only race in this realms. There was another race, a race that’s more related to minerals, more related to metals and gems. These creatures were called Generating Elemental Mania Spirits, or GEMS for short. Gems were almost reflections to humans, having same body forms and their own forms of animals.

However, they were different in many ways. They could live for centuries and have no body change. Their food wasn’t like ours, being mostly elemental energy/magic, while our food was mostly physical. Most different was their body structure. They had hearts which were gemstones, and their whole body was made out of the same molecules as their corresponding gem. Humans and Gems lived in harmony, both having their growing kingdoms, and both having developed many inventions. While the humans made many inventions that worked manually, Gems, having a strong understanding of magic, made many enchanted objects, way past the level of humans, which worried some humans, and this was the first step which would lead to The Battle of Clay and Stone.

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Together, humans and Gems formed Alchemy, a form of science that uses magic for equivalent exchange to make items. After working with the Gems, humans began to grasp the understanding of magic, and thus, wizards and witches became a reality. One day, the king of the Humans, King Ivan and the king of the Gems, King Alexandrite, met to discuss matters to importance. After the meeting, the King went to check on his son, Prince Oswald, because he hadn’t come to eat dinner. When King Ivan opened Oswald’s room, he found the still body of his son with a dagger in his chest.

Furious, the King found out it was Alexandrite who did this, wanting to take out the human kingdom so The Gems can conquer more land. King Alexandrite denied the claims, but it was obvious. King Ivan declared war on the Gems, and The Battle of Clay and Stone began. The Gems and Humans were equally matched, the gems having more magic power and the humans having more raw power. Painite, the son of Alexandrite, saw his corrupt father’s ways, and helped the humans construct the super weapon, The Distablizer. This weapon would disintegrate the components that kept a gem together, resulting in them turning to dust.

At this time, wizards found out about the souls they had. These souls were the source of magical energy, and depending on soul color, would give the person a certain type of magic. They gathered up ten wizards, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange,Gold, Purple, Brown, Black, and White, to seal of the Gems. On the 1st day of the month of Sol, the humans fired The Distablizer, wiping out half of the gem population.

As the sky filled with dust, the 10 wizards combined their magic, sealing of the rest of the Gems in a parallel version of our world. A dark void with with no sun shining. A shadow of our Realm. The wizards dubbed it, The Kaleidoscope.

In the aftermath of the battle, The King became worried of Painite and his growing hostility. A week after, Painite attacked the king, so they banished him and used tried to turn him to dust. However, he stayed. He was instead corrupted, speaking gibberish and moving jerkily. He then collapsed on himself, just disappearing.

Now, the humans ruled all of the realm, having victory over the horrid gems. Because of this, the humans celebrated that day as “The Day of the Kaleidoscope.”


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