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Last updated: November 3, 2019

Change ManagementNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Change ManagementSelecting the Best Theory to Implement Planned ChangeChange is important in organizations as most changes are implemented to ensure continuous or improved performance. Most changes can include innovations or new systems to be integrated into organizations to boost performance (Mitchell, 2013). Change in the nursing sector is important since new evidence-based ways of carrying out activities are being determined and due to the diverse evolvement of the nursing practice, nursing managers should plan and implement new changes to allow improved quality healthcare service delivery (Mitchell, 2013).

It is important for nurse managers to understand how different change management theories can be implemented into the organization without much interference to the normal daily working activities and schedules (Mitchell, 2013). Change theories that nursing managers can consider include the Lewin’s theory which has three stages for integrating a change into an organization’s system which include unfreezing, moving, and refreezing which is going back to normal activities with the change already integrated into the system (Mitchell, 2013). The second change theory is the Lippit’s theory, which has seven stages of change management (Mitchell, 2013). The stages include diagnosing the problem, assessing the capacity for change, assessing staff members’ motivation and available resources, selecting change objective, choosing appropriate role of the change agent, maintaining the integrated change, and lastly terminating the helping relationship which involves allowing the change to be fully functioning based on the normal activities (Mitchell, 2013).

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The third change theory is the Roger’s theory, which has five stages, which include awareness, interest regarding the change, evaluation, trial, and adoption of the new change (Mitchell, 2013). A nurse manager should carefully evaluate the best change theory to implement in the nursing sector, which will have a high positive impact, but with a minimal interference on the work force (Mitchell, 2013).ReferencesMitchell, G. (2013).

Selecting the best theory to implement planned change. Journal on nursing management, 20(1), 32-37.


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