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Last updated: March 18, 2019

Centrepoint is a retail shopping outlet. Centrepoint is a place where everyone comes for their clothing shopping, handbags and bags shopping, shoes shopping and kids/babies clothing and kids toys shopping.

Centrepoint is the name of the shopping outlet and inside centrepoint there are 4 different stores/department of different products and they are Splash, Baby shop, Shoe mart and Lifestyle. In splash department/store, we get different varieties of clothes for adults and teenagers for both men and women. In baby shop department/store, we get different varieties of clothing and shoes for kids/babies and in baby shop there is separate compartment for kids toys where kids love to do toys shopping. In shoe mart department/store, we get different varieties of shoes like school shoes, wedges, formals, casuals, heels and many more for both men and women. The lifestyle department/store we get different varieties of handbags and bags of different brands like Guess, Charlotte Reid, Fiorelli and many more.

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We even get different varieties of home décor in lifestyle like a beautiful collection of all the items like the candle stands, clocks, photo frames and others. Centrepoint has a separate department for cosmetics/makeup. There are many different brands of cosmetics/makeup in centrepoint like Rimmel, NYX, Max factor, Maybelline, etc. each makeup brand has a stand or compartment where many people come for makeup shopping.In Dubai we have many different malls that have the centrepoint store.

The different malls that have centrepoint stores are Mirdif City Centre, Ajman City Centre, Mall of Emirates, Deira City Centre and many others.


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