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center95250North Western UniversityDept. of Computer Science and EngineeringCourse Title: Information System Analysis & DesignCourse Code: CSE- 4201Assignment No: 01 Assignment On: Solve the Given Problems In the Class.center234315Remarks:Remarks:3057525298450Submitted To:M. RaihanLecturer,Dept.

of Computer Science and TechnologyNorth Western University, Khulna00Submitted To:M. RaihanLecturer,Dept. of Computer Science and TechnologyNorth Western University, Khulna-323850298450Submitted By:Name: Sharmin Akter TannaID: 201510280104th Year 2nd Semester Dept. of Computer Science and TechnologyNorth Western University, Khulna00Submitted By:Name: Sharmin Akter TannaID: 201510280104th Year 2nd Semester Dept. of Computer Science and TechnologyNorth Western University, Khulna-27622533528000-13652587630 Date of Submission: 16/08/1800 Date of Submission: 16/08/18Table of ContentNO: Topics: Pages:01 What is Unit Testing? 0102 How it Works? 0203 Library’s used for Unit Testing (Describe them shortly) 0204 Choose one library and apply it to any software 0305 Write down the steps you followed during unit testing 0406 Give snapshots and outputs of testing result 07 Draw the UML diagram of that software 08 How can you commit a project to GitHub repository (Write step by step) Unit Testing:The software development defines a unit along the lines of the smallest collection of code which can be tested. Regularly this would be a source file, a package (as in Ada), or a non-insignificant object class. A hardware development analog might be a PC board.Unit testing is only one of the levels of testing which go together to make the “big picture” of testing a framework.

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It supplements combination and framework level testing. It ought to likewise supplement code audits and walkthroughs.Unit testing is generally seen as a “white box” test class. That is, it is biased in looking at and evaluating the code as implemented, rather than evaluating conformance to some set of requirements.How Unit Testing Works:Quite often, the procedure of unit-testing is incorporated with an IDE (or through expansions) to such an extent that it executes the tests with each assembles. Various frameworks exist for helping the production of unit tests (and without a doubt taunt objects), regularly named fooUnit (Ex. jUnit, xUnit, nUnit).

These frameworks give a formalized method to make tests. As a procedure, test-driven development (TDD) is frequently the inspiration for unit testing (however unit testing does not require TDD) which assumes that the tests are a piece of the spec definition, and in this way necessitates they are composed first, with code just written to “explain” these tests.Tests that are performed during the unit testing are explained below:Module Interface testLocal data structuresBoundary conditionsIndependent pathsError handling pathsLibrary’s used for Unit Testing:Testing is one of the orders that isolates proficient engineers from novice ones. It’s not tied in with following TDD, BDD, or whatever testing philosophies, however at the plain least level, you should compose code to test your code naturally.

Numerous Java designers compose unit tests and joining tests that naturally keep running amid fabricate time, generally by utilizing constant combination devices like Jenkins or TeamCity. On the off chance that some of you are asking why a developer should center around mechanization testing, at that point let me reveal to you that the significance of computerization testing is becoming exponentially because of more mindfulness and rise of DevOps.Most popular unit testing library are,JUnitREST AssuredSeleniumTestNGMockitoSpock FrameworkCucumberSpring TestDBUnitRobot FrameworkChoose one library and apply it to any software:I have chosen JUnit library for Unit testing. JUnit provides to test little/expansive pieces of code.

It is an open source unit testing device to assess the test outcomes. It is anything but difficult to run a JUnit test and doesn’t expect you to make a class question or characterize the fundamental strategy. JUnit library is being utilized as a test sprinter by different systems, including Data Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Hybrid Framework, and then some.Snapshots and Outputs:Steps of Unit Testing for JUnit Library:With a specific end goal to include JUnit library, you have to take after the underneath said steps.Go the Java project and right-click.Go to Build Path Configure Build PathClick Libraries.Click Add Library.You will get the Add Library window.Select JUnit and click Next.You will get a screen to select the JUnit version to be used in the project.Select JUnit library version as JUnit4 and click Finish.Click OK.UML diagram of Hospital Management System: How can we commit a project to GitHub repository:Create a new commit:git statusgit add .gitignoregit commit -m “initial commit with gitignore”git add .git commit -m “add electron boilerplate files”Push to GitHub:Create a new repository on the command line touch README.mdgit initgit add README.mdgit commit -m “first commit”git remote add origin push -u origin master Push an existing repository from the command linegit remote add origin push -u origin masterSome gist of GitHub:Status->List the files you’ve changed and those you still need to add or commit.Commands: git statusAdd files-;Add one or more files to staging (index):Commands: git add ;filename;Commands: git add .Commit-;Commit changes to head (but not yet to the remote repository)Commands: git commit -m “Commit message”Commit any files you’ve added with git add, and also commit any files you’ve changed since then:Commands: git commit -aPush-; Send changes to the master branch of your remote repository Commands: git push origin masterUpdate from the remote repository-;Fetch and merge changes on the remote server to your working directory Commands: git pullBranches-; Create a new branch and switch to it Commands: git checkout -b ;branchname;


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