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Last updated: August 21, 2019

Cell phones first came out in the late 1990s and smartphones became mainstream around 2012. Since then, there has been a lot of debates over the positive and negative influences of cellphones and smartphones. Did you know that one out of every four car accidents in the U.

S. is caused by texting and driving? Texting and driving cause 1.6 millions car accidents a year.

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263 teens were killed as a result of distracted driving in the year 2016 (mostly caused by cellular device). Cell phones are extremely distracting and can easily take the drivers eyes off the road because of something like a notification, call or reminder. Social media is also a huge controversy on whether or not it is a good thing. Although social media makes communicating and talking to your friends fun it also makes it really easy to pretend to be someone or make a completely new identity. Along with social media comes cyber bullying. Now that it is 2018 it’s a lot easier to send something mean, spread rumors and then be able to hide and pretend that it wasn’t you or just simply hide behind the screen. It is also proven that kids/teens that use social media are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, low self esteem, eating disorders as well as brain or personality disorders.Another negative thing about phones is the lack of human interaction.

Now that we can text they is a lower amount of conversations and face to face interactions that happen between people. Some might even say that phones nowadays make it to easy to communicate with people instead of meeting with them in real life.


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