Topic: Tech & EngineeringPhones

Last updated: January 6, 2020

Cell phone usage has become a big problem in our society for the ones who have access to cell phones at a young age like teenagers are nowadays. People who use their cell phone too often, may be faced with consequences and dangers like communication skills, health issues and accidents (deaths). These dangers are most likely to happen with people who are continuously on their phone and that are developing phone addictions from the excessive amount of hours on a cell phone.
Texting on cell phones can affect your communication skills and even how you write. Nowadays, teenagers are texting without using full sentences and are now using text abbreviations. This is most likely to happen with people who who send aa lot text messages and they end up using abbreviations for every text message. Texting in abbreviations could lead to teenagers to use abbreviations rather than speaking full sentence when speaking out loud. To add, when teens frequently focus on writing short sentences when texting all the time, they may adapt the same style of texting and start writing the same way.


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