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CE 3 CAREER EPISODE – 3 CE 3.1 INTRODUCTIONCE 3.1.1 Chronology March-2018CE 3.1.2 Location Hospet, KarnatakaCE 3.1.

3 Organization JSW Steel limited, KarnatakaCE 3.1.4 Position Held Production Engineer CE 3.2 BACKGROUNDCE 3.2.1 Nature of the Project I work as a production Engineer at Ewac Alloys Ltd. and It provides welding products to customer in field of maintenance and repair.

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It provides solution on customers places as well. As I was a production engineer, my role is to follow production procedure as well as the product establishment at customer’s place. My scope of work was to perform all the testing at customer’s place and to demonstrate product effectiveness. I look after production of Continuous welding electrodes so I have to visit customer’s place to perform Welding. I needed to look after all the problems they faced using my product and then customer accepts the product. I visited the JSW Steel plant for the product establishment in March 2018. They are largest steel producers in India. They wanted to buy our welding rod but first they wanted trials at their place so I visited the plant.

CE 3.2.2 Objective of the Project The objectives of this project are mentioned below:? To set up the welding transformer’s parameter and wire feeding unit for smooth feeding of welding wire.? Maintaining all safety precautions such as shield glass, apron safety shoes, welding screens and welding gloves, as I was going to do hot working.? Inspection of welded part for Pin holes, Porosity, undercut and cracks.? Performing various tests on welded sample such as Hardness test, chemistry testing and Microscopic test.CE 3.2.

3 Nature of the Work Area There were 1000 steel mill rolls and they asked me to perform the welding operation on one of them. All those 1000 rolls are cladded everyday by welding as rolls wear out every day after 3 shift of working.I chose one of the roll and performed welding over roll using the equipment and electrode. I also check the quality of weld and I went through the entire test. At last, I convince them with our product quality to accept our product. I completed the product establishment project with proper planning and time management.CE 3.

2.4 Organizational Chart The chart of the organizational structure has mentioned below: CE 3.2.5 Statement of Duties As an Production engineer, I was entrusted with below mentioned core responsibilities:? Understanding the operation and requirement of customer.? Investigating the problem customer is facing with current welding electrode.? Set up of wire feeder machine and welding transformer.? Preparing daily work permits.? Preparing all safety measures.

? Loading of job on semi automatic welding robot machine and performing welding operation.? To do all the quality test over the job to measure performance of welding.? Repeat the process over 2nd roll for the confirmation of performance of wire electrode.CE 3.3 PERSONAL ENGINEERING ACTIVITY3.

3.53.3. I began by understanding operation of steel plant, by remembering the function of various machines and their geographical location such as furnace then pinch roll area after that segment roll area and at last coiling unit etc. I interacted with engineers on plant as well as read about the operating of these machines on internet for just understanding the overall operation and requirement. Once the map of the plant was clear in my mind, I analyzed my work area to carry out my work.I used constant voltage welding machine make Lincoln and wire feeder machine make Lincoln for welding on the job. I also used Rockwell hardness testing machine to measure hardness in unit HRC.

I also used microscope for identifying structure of job after welding. I also utilized Positive material Identification machine to verify the material deposition rate after welding.I was familiar with the all the available equipment at customer’s place. In constant voltage machine the voltage of machine remains constant during the welding operation and the only varying parameter is current.

This welding machine was 700 amp welding machine so it had the enough capacity to perform my operation. I chose the wire feeding machine was the same make as welding transformer for better and smooth functioning. In general wire feeder is set at a certain speed to feed constantly wire to welding machine for uninterrupted welding. In Rockwell hardness tester, the load applied to the job in Kilo Newtons and then the indent in job is measured by the machine to calculate the hardness of the welded material. In microscopic evaluation the sample is cut from the job and is polished to see the micro structure of the job. In positive metal testing the job is placed under the machine to check the percentage of content in deposited welding.To perform welding over the job, I collected the drawing of the job to define the parameters of machine during operation. After collecting the all the documents required to start the work, I set up whole machine and required tools to complete the operation.

I chose appropriate welding wire and flux based on the requirement of customer.I followed following steps to perform these tests:? I selected the segment roll that is to be welded from the worn out roll storage area where all the rolls from all over factory is stored. I gave identification to the roll to identify after the welding as there were hundreds of rolls. ? Then, I took the roll form storage area to workshop using overhead crane. Then I loaded the job over the semi automatic welding robot. I set the initial point and load the program in the processing unit connected to welding machine. ? I prepared all the safety measures and also received the work permit from the safety department.

? I set the parameter such as travelling speed, voltage and current and started the machine. I fine tuned the parameter after minutes of machine operation.? After completing the welding, I stopped the machine and allowed job to cool down up to atmospheric temperature. ? On second day, after the job cooled down, I unloaded the job and took it to further operation.? I cut a piece from the job using plasma cutting machine and polished it for checking the microscopic structure.? After polishing the job, I put the job under microscope and I set the resolution to see the microstructure. After achieving the resolution, I got the perfect photograph of microstructure and I recorded in to computer in form of image.

I used the PMI machine to verify the achieved chemistry.? Then I started the hardness test. First I made job’s surface flat for machine to give correct result. Then I placed the job under the indenter, machine applied the load. After 10 second the load was released. I selected the indented area to measure the hardness of the job.I used Microsoft excel to make my quality report and prepared day to day progress report using Microsoft word which I submitted every day to the customer R&D head and I explained them about the activities I performed on that day and accordingly plan next day’s tasks. I performed these tests to establish the product at customer’s place.

The acceptance or rejection is decided on the basis of the requirement of customer. The final report generated is compared with codes and tolerances provided by the customer. After I completed the test on one roll, I performed same operation on other roll to confirm the product behavior in front of customer. I achieved same results as achieved in first roll by satisfying all requirements. Then I supervised the operation carried out by customer’s team.

I also guided them by observing the problems they faced and gave appropriate solution. I stayed there for four days and completed the project.I developed a discipline in myself to follow all the health and safety protocols. I always used all the personal protective equipment (PPE) and encouraged others to do so.I also inspected their other jobs to identify the need for other operations so that I suggested them substitute electrode and I explained them benefits of my organization’s products.3.3.

12 Engineering skill and knowledge I utilized my engineering skills and knowledge to perform below mentioned task:? In performing all the tests such as welding, chemistry testing and hardness testing.? Loading and unloading the job on the machine.? Using the machine such as plasma cutting machine, hardness tester, and microscope and welding machine.? In observing the jobs for future scope of material.? In preparing project and quality reports.? In preparing of tool box after observing potential hazards.? Handling and supervising the production.

3.3.13 Delegated tasks I’ve mentioned below my accomplished tasks:? I successfully all the tested over two jobs within given time limits.? I resolved all the problems caused during the welding and other operations.? Under my supervision the wire electrode was established at customer’s place.

? I ensured that the working environment is completely safe.3.3.14 Problem solved Major problem encountered during this project was:Problem encountered: While I was taking the hardness, I was not able to get it within specified limits. It was out of tolerance and it was not acceptable.

Solution: I check the whole process from first step to verify if any problem had encountered during process. But I have followed each step correctly so the process was not a problem. Then I found that the job was not properly loaded over the hardness tester due to uneven surface on all the sides of rectangular job. So at time of applying the load, the job was disturbed and it gives false results.

So I cut the second piece from welded roll and again polished it from all the side to make it perfect rectangle. After that I achieved the desired results.CE 3.4 SUMMARYCE 3.4.

1 This was my first customer visit where I worked as a professional engineer. I learnt how engineering world operates; I learnt the importance of health and safety environments and how other organizations follow it. I had undertaken several responsibilities and performed my task with excellence for which I was highly appreciated by project manager and JSW’s R;D head. I learnt how much important the product establishment is, one little mistake can lead to loss of customer and business.

During my time at the steel making plant I learnt the whole process of steel making and how my products affect the quality of end products.


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