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Case Study of Child Neglect Kelly Vaughn November 14, 2018Belmont abbey CollagePC 303 Case of Jason Cooper Jason Cooper is a 4-month-old boy from Indiana, his mom was reported for threatening medical neglect. The case worker that was investigating the case was not able to find any Relatives to take care of Jason while they did their investigations. They had to place Jason in foster care until a determination about his case was made. His mother Ms.

Cooper was given court ordered treatment of counseling, parenting classes and supervised visits with Jason. After four months of classes and the other treatments that were recommended. Jason’s mother was given partial supervised overnight and weekend visits. After a couple of visits with her son the foster parents expressed concerns that Jason was being over fed, he was dirty around the bottom area and not getting his Medicine correctly.

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The Court Hearing for Jason to returned to his mother was coming up, the case manager informed the mother that she would not be getting Jason back and that it would be extended visits with more monitoring to make sure she understands everything about taking care of Jason. When they told Ms. Cooper, she became very upset and started making threats. The case Manager called the police and told her supervisor, together they all decided to end the mother’s visits and he would go back to the foster care home. At this point the Case manager would evaluate the mother’s interactions with Ms. Cooper and Jason.

During this time, she spent more time with her other kids, playing on her phone, and talking to the case worker. Most of the visits with Jason were spent his walker, so that she could play games with the other children or watch TV. There was another court hearing and the Judge ordered Jason to stay with the foster parents and his mother could visit him 3 times a week.

They are going to do another evaluation in 4wks to see if Jason could do overnight visits again. After three months the case manager recommended that Jason can be given back to his mother. There seemed to be more of a bond than before. Five months went past, there was a report that Jason was home with the other kids and they were reported playing with lighters and gasoline in the house. Ms.

Cooper was not at home the children had burns all over them. The judge ordered that they removed the children from her care and them all in foster care. Indicators of abuse There are many different warning signs and indicators of abuse when it comes to children. There are certain behavioral and physical traits, because of the neglect and their surroundings. Physical signs would be bruises, burns, dehydration, poor grooming.

Behavioral signs they would show would be depression, mood swings, starting to be mean to other kids and people. The family might notice that he is acting out at home, doesn’t want to talk to anyone, he is regressing on things that he has known or been taught. NC Law Neglected juvenile. – a juvenile that is under the age of 18 that does not get proper care, supervision, or discipline from their parent, guardian, custodian, or caretaker; when they do not provide the proper medical care; or the child lives in an unsafe environment; or has been placed for adoption in violation of law. You must determine if the juvenile has been or was neglected. Investigate were the child is living and determine if the house is safe enough for them to remain in the house or must be removed. (7B-101)Indiana Statistics2016 Child Abuse & Neglect in Indiana. Therapeutic Treatment There are many different types of Therapy that you can suggest children to get that go through neglect.

Art therapy is a very good way for children to express how they are feeling and what traumatic events they have gone through. Art is a way for someone to communicate without speaking. Sometimes at a younger age it is better to have the child with other kids and to show him/her positive reinforcements that having attention, love, interactions are ok and a normal part of life. Reference Page Gail Folaron, and Valerie Decker.

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Recognizing abuse and neglect in people with severe cognitive and/or communication impairments. Journal of Elder Abuse and Neglect, 9(2), 93-105.Indiana Department of Child Services, https://www. Malchiodi, C. A.

(2008). Creative interventions with traumatized children. New York: Guilford Press.NCGA | Legislative Building | 16 West Jones Street | Raleigh, NC 27601 | 919-733-4111


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