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Last updated: August 19, 2019

Case Study Assignment _ Pius NnajiThe helping relationship is a process of effecting change between individuals. Behaviors can be changed in different ways, it could be learning a new behavior or changing a behavior, as a support worker we try to help those individuals that we support, and by doing so we are extending ourselves to another person.

Also we have to use a person centered approach every day to ensuring that any individual that we support is at the center of decision which relates to their life, which includes listening, thinking together, sharing ideas, and seeking feedback.

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Helping relationship is about the ability to understand how the people you support feel emotionally and their experiences, as if you it was you, and how you fill from your own set of experiences to those of the people you support as seen through their eyes, not yours.

Dean is a 24 years old boy who lives in a group home who has a history of being in trouble and he has an outreach of support which appear to be successful, however he often has bouts of bad temper when he becomes aggressive, whenever he becomes like this he cannot control his anger, and he could be argumentative and defiant and could sometimes refuse to comply.

Since Dean was 14 years has been living in a group home setting, and most times has been in and out of jail due to his behavior. His parents come to see him once a month, and sometimes he goes home for the overnight stay. One day he was during the overnight he had a fight with his Dad, and broke his father’s wrist, and his Mom had to call the police and he was arrested and spent 2 days in the jail, before he was released from jail.

Any time Dean goes out with his support workers for groceries he always have a tantrum, and will ask the support worker to give him the money for the groceries, and he often spend less of the in groceries and more of it in buying smokes. Most times he goes with his grocery money to his friend’s house and spend it on smokes and buzz, when he comes back he starts to get agitated and angry with everyone in the home including his support workers.
When it comes to his diet his food choices are poor, he likes drinking pop, candies, lollipop, and hot dogs, this are his favorite food choices. During the morning he does not woke up for breakfast, he sleeps till noon, and wakes up he will ask for lunch which includes hot dog, and pop tis is his brunch for the day at dinner he will ask same thing as in hot dog and pop, so this is a vicious circle for him when it comes to food choices. Since Dean moved in he doesn’t tidy his room, staff has always kept his tidy, the support workers has made a both a laundry list and a sweeping list for Dean to follow as a routing for him to follow, he gets a upset when his support workers ask him to do his chores.

Dean always ask support workers to take him to the walk in clinic, he gets angry and frustrated when he has to sit and wait for him to be called in. He wants to be ahead of everyone who has been waiting before him. Finally when he sees the doctor he starts yelling, and having an outburst complaining that he has been waiting for too long, and now he wants go back home, and his not ready to talk to anyone.

By the time Dean starts to get angry he will walk out of the clinic and ask his support worker to drive him back to the house, at that time all the time they have been waiting to see the Doctor has been a waist.

As support workers we have to also empower those individuals that we support, by helping them to discover their personal strengths and capacities so that they can take control of their lives. As a support worker we can encourage the people that we support by helping them to problem-solve and make decisions independently, such as giving them choices, and letting them make those choices without any influence by the support worker. Allowing them to choose what they want to wear or let them decide on what they want eat, and how they chose to do it
As a support worker I have to come to terms and understand their world as they understand it and I must understand it in other to support them, and I will relate with them as one human being to another without any abuse of power or power tussle.
As a support work we must look past stereotyping, and negative stereotype will always lead to inaccurate assessment of people’s personal character. They are been stereotyped as been violent, and they are receiving from everybody, many individuals with mental health who have been homeless who shared their experiences with people have been labeled, and subject to judgment and negative assumptions. Due to this stereotyping many individuals with disability have refused to disclose their disabilities they are afraid to be labeled, or not to receive equal services, at the same time they may be receiving a negative attitude from their support workers.


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