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Last updated: July 21, 2019

Case for Critical Analysis: Email AdventureNameInstitutionInstructorCourseDate Case for Critical Analysis: Email AdventureAfter a careful analysis of the case , “E-mail Adventure” it is evident that the CEO Tannenbaum made some mistakes when addressing the issue of leaked information. Howard Tannenbaum used email as the communication metthod to communiacte wih managers. The best mode of communication would be face to face communication with the managers to discuss the issue.

The CEO lao proceedded to meet the attorney before interacring with the mangers which was inappropriate. Tannenbaum could have thought everything tthrough before senting the emails whcivh could inlude the consequences of the actions. Ths action ruined the relattionship he had with his employees. Tannenbaum ccould have communicated using a proper channel which could include holding a meeting with the management to discuss the issue or conduct an investigation before taking any action which wouldd have provided imprtant information related to the issue. This would have avoided the avccusation which made everyone think that thery were at fault. This could also keep the trust and respect between him and the managers. He could also have used polite language without making the employees feel accused. There are some strategies that Tannenbaum can use to recover from the negative impact of his emails which include first apologizing to the managers and other employees in person.

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This will return the trust and respect between him and the employees as it will show his remourse for his actions. The second step can involve going public to apologise for any negative imoact that the emails might have caused to other individuals who probably are not part of his team. This can involve using social media or the press to pass his apolohgies which will indicate the seriousness of his actions. The last step will include conducting an investaigation to determine who is responsible for the breach and the right course of action taken on the individual.


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