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Last updated: March 23, 2019

Car2x communication, in which “x” represents a various kind of things such as Car2Car (C2C), Car2Pedestrian (C2P), and Car2Object (C2O) Car2Infrastrucutre (C2I). The system is working on sensors and it is useful for the communication.

It connects all other vehicles and surrounding objects so that they can receive the information simultaneously. This communication system is very precisely focusing on time critical applications like collision avoidance, pedestrian information, speed limit indication, car breakdown warning in nearby area.Physical sensors play an important role in control systems and communication system, as they provide information about system state and malfunctions of monitored entities. Currently, these systems depend on sensor data to actuate on their components in order to provide a safe and enjoyable driving experience.

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Consequently, modern vehicles have hundreds of embedded sensors to monitor their performance and, with recent advances, their drivers.Given the importance of sensors to a vehicle’s operation, new models embed numerous high-quality sensors to get more reliable and diverse information about the vehicle. All data outputted from sensors in a vehicle is delivered to its Engine Control Unit (ECU) through an internal network, which is accessible using the vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostic (OBD) system.

Virtual sensors are very useful and important alternatives to monitor aspects, variables, and events for which there are no physical sensors. There are cases where physical sensors are unavailable for a particular phenomenon and a virtual sensor can replace them, given that the variable they monitories precisely described or highly correlated to other monitored variables. In fact, a virtual sensor may be obtained from several physical sensors, used to monitor a single aspect for which there is no physical sensor, by gathering their information using models and output information. At the end of this process, a virtual sensor can produce new and possibly more valuable information.


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