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Last updated: March 14, 2019

Capillary Action Capillary action is when a liquid can stream into tight-spaces.

It doesn’t need gravity. Capillary action is caused by a combination of cohesive forces of a liquid and the adhesive forces between a liquid and the slim-material. Examples of Capillary action is leaving a paper towel on a spill, the liquid of the spill is spreading onto the paper towel. A similar reaction is when you insert food coloring in water and dip a paper towel in that water, and the colored-water will then climb the paper towel. Adhesion Adhesion is when a molecule and another molecule mix; adhesion of water is when water molecules are mixed with other molecules. Water loves sticking to its own molecules but believe it or not, there are many chances that water would rather connect with other molecules. Adhesion proceeds in a huge step in Capillary Action.

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Just like in class we dipped the paper towel in water and the water was climbing the paper towel (Capillary action). Capillary action is important to life: Humans count on Capillary action for blood circulation. When blood is flowed down it easy to say it’s because of oxygen but when blood flows up its Capillary action along with capillaries. The world cannot function without gravity but can’t go without Capillary action either.

In soil, water from wet areas of soil is transported to dry areas of soil. Capillary action even gifts the world it’s weather changes.


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