Can Pakistan’s Current Educational Policies Create Leaders of Tomorrow?
I don’t think that the educational policies which have been made for our students can create leaders of tomorrow. Politicians made these polices with zero interest they have no idea what our educational system is going through, how the government schools are working, how teachers are working there and most importantly what problems students are facing. Neglecting these issues they make these polices just for the sake of getting attention of the people that they are working for the educational sector. In reality they are not .
Government allocate 2% for the educational sector. This shows their interest towards the education and is also not fully distributed. Policy documents are produced by each subsequent government with high promises but little achievements. The policy makers should increase the educational GDP from 2% to 7% and the federal and provincial government should cut down their expenditure and spend more money on the educational sector but this can only happens if our politicians see the reality of our government schools and realize what problems our students are facing they are the future of tomorrow if they will not get the education our country will not be successful.
If we look up to the educational policies over the years there have been no change made in these policies. The policies which have been made from 1947 are still continuing and the policy makers are just coping and writing them. They don’t know what is the current situation of the educational department all over the country. New policies and plans are often prepared without giving due consideration to the causes of failure of previous policies and plans. The practice of extending the time period for the unmet targets of previous policies can also be seen on a number of occasions in the history of Pakistan.
The main objective of the educational policies of Pakistan should be that high literacy rate and make education better than it was but for attaining higher literacy rates, government should prioritize education and should work on war footing basis to combat illiteracy in the country .If we go through the educational policies we can find very flaws in it. Policies are not made by keeping students and their problems in mind.

The constitution of Pakistan 1973 clearly says that , “The state of Pakistan shall remove illiteracy and provide free and compulsory secondary education within minimum possible period”. Despite the constitutional guarantee of free and compulsory secondary education as stipulated in 1973 Constitution, Pakistan has been unable to achieve targets of universal primary enrollment objectives in over three decades.

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Pakistan can not finish literacy without making primary education totally free and compulsory for every child of this country and expanding more investment on adults education and in professional training programs so that adults who have not get education can get into professional training programs and earn their living.
This is the main point and it should be the part of our educational policy and our politicians should make this point our educational policy and also make it happen.
If our politicians take the issue of education serious, know the value of it and also make the policies after investingating on the issue our schools and students are facing we can overcome from all the issues in our educational department.
Every person of this country deserve to get high quality education we pay taxes to the government and in return we are getting nothing the policies should be made with full knowledge of the issues and policies politicians should know that the policies are not just for writing lines on a piece of paper they also have to be implemented.


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