Cafes are an important part of our society. Nowadays cafes offer a variety of experiences to people, the latest trend being animal cafes. There are cat cafes, dog cafes, raccoon cafes and so on. Then there are differently themed cafes that attract mostly the younger generation because of its colorful designs and photogenic backgrounds. In Japan, there are philosophy café that allows people to sit together and talk about philosophical topics and improve their wisdom. But in today’s world, when the rate of depression is going out of hand and suicide rates are increasing what we need are motivational cafes.

According to Prof. L.H. Haney, “Company is an artificial person created by law having separated entity with a perpetual succession and common seal”. In today’s world of increasing depression and suicide rates, a comfortable surrounding where people can open up about their problems without being seen as a patient, ought to bring about a huge change in our society. Peace, Hope & Love is a motivational café that offers to people a surrounding of togetherness and positivity. It will be situated in the state of Kerala in India. Apart from the usual pastries, tea and coffee the fundamental attraction of the café is a motivational speaker who will be ready at all times to listen to the problems of customers and offer advice and sessions both on personal and normative motivation.
Objective: The objective of a company defines its goals, activities and overall ideals that it aims at achieving. The objective of Peace, Hope, and Love is :
Sales revenue to grow from Rs.200,000 in the first year of operations to Rs.250,000 by the end of the third year
Both the partners to be working full time in the café in order to minimize operating expenses by reducing staffing costs, supervising and maintaining quality control.

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The growth of net profits from Rs.1,00,000 in year one to Rs.2,00,000 by year 3.

Mission: A mission statement is a foundation on which the business will be built and the main purpose of the business will be described in it.

Peace, Hope and Love state, “We aim at bringing about a change in our society and the mindset of our people in order to bring about humanity in our fast-changing world.”
Vision: The vision statement is the ultimate impact you thrive for your business to have in the coming years.
The vision statement of Peace, Hope and Love state, “Create a society free of depression and suicide rates”
Legal Structure: One of the most important decisions to be taken when starting a business is to decide its legal structure. This will have consequences in terms of how the business will be managed, how the taxes will be paid, the personal liability of owners and how ownership is held.The most common forms of legal structure for starting small businesses are a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporations, limited liability partnerships and limited liability company. ADDIN EN.CITE <EndNote><Cite><Author>Score</Author><Year>2018</Year><IDText>Choosing the Legal Structure of Your Business</IDText><DisplayText>(Score 2018)</DisplayText><record><urls><related-urls><url></url></related-urls></urls><titles><title>Choosing the Legal Structure of Your Business</title></titles><number>3 March, 2018</number><contributors><authors><author>Score</author></authors></contributors><added-date format=”utc”>1520593387</added-date><ref-type name=”Web Page”>12</ref-type><dates><year>2018</year></dates><rec-number>13</rec-number><last-updated-date format=”utc”>1520593999</last-updated-date></record></Cite></EndNote>(Score 2018)
The Peace, Hope, and Love motivational café is a partnership business registered in India, run by Aishwaria Mohanan and Anusree Mohanan. Section 4 of the Partnership Act of India (1932) defines Partnership as “the relation between persons who have agreed to share the profits of a business carried on by all or any of them acting for all”.The partners follow general partnership and therefore participate in the day to day activities of the business. Since partnership businesses do not require the payment of income taxes, the other taxes are paid by both the partners based on their share of profits. The profits and liabilities are equally shared. Anusree Mohanan takes care of the food and beverages section whereas Aishwaria Mohanan takes care of the motivation and other sections of service.

The Peace, Hope, and Love motivational café aims at offering a tasty variety of pastries along with coffee, tea, and other beverages at a moderate cost. They also serve higher margin gourmet coffee products such as espressos, cappuccinos, lattés, and a variety of snacks, including healthy alternatives. The main category of eatables is a variety of the traditional homemade sweet dishes and snack items of India. Secondly, it offers a motivational service where the customers are given an opportunity to sit together in groups along with the professional motivational speaker and talk about their problems. The motivational speaker ought to give out advice about personal problems and also conducts sessions on normative motivation giving importance to moral values and ethics.They promise to offer the best services and complete satisfaction to their customers.

Market analysis is the study or business plan of the market in which the busienss is operating in. It is one of the most important part of a business plan which allows to formulate a strategy according to which the business can operate.

India has emerged as one of the favored destinations for coffee shops in todays world.The café culture has grown within the past 5 years with some entries from international playersLIST OF REFERENCES
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