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Last updated: December 23, 2019

By studying the pie chart for display Ads by countries it clearly illustrations that in Netherlands and France with 7% and 6% respectively. But knowingly less compared to other countries. It is also immediately obvious that achieved fairly levels in united states 58%. And in Germany Ads are display around 13% it is less than other countries. The remaining 16% is the combination of other countries.

As an overall fashion, the one country showed higher display Ads among all countries is unites state, while other countries has a smaller percentage of display Ads.

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By reviewing horizontal bar chart it describe different percentage to display Ads by various devices. The highest number of Advertise present on device is apple mobile about 29%. The second most device for advertise is android mobile and it is fairly similar to apple tablet 22% and 20% respectively. Android tablet for display Advertise is about to 17% which is bit higher than desktop. Among all the different devices desktop has less number of percentage for advertise than other devices.

The pie and line graph demonstrate the amount of four kind of spreads (publishers, Ads, Media Ads, Text Ads) which were spent over months through august to September.
Overall, the Campaign of Media Ads and publisher gradually increase over period of time between August 18 to September 1. In publisher there is mild fall during August 28 but it is increase between August 28 to August 30. But Media Ads and publisher campaign both has sudden downfall after August 30 and it is become sustain after September 1. On the other hand, it seems there is no effective campaign through Ads and text Ads. Even bar charts describe same Ad types ratios.

Overall, In Advertise campaign the most effective and reliable Ad campaign through publisher and Medial Advertise (Display ad).


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