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Last updated: March 19, 2019

By: Amber N.

Welch “All women have the right to get an abortion because a fetus is not a living being and therefore abortion is not murder.”— It is this lie, along with many others, which attempts to justify the murder of an unborn child. The act of killing a baby just because a woman feels that the right she has over her body includes the right to murder is not only ridiculous, but it’s also frightening. Any person who has no problem with slaughtering an innocent, defenseless child is not someone you would want to cross alone on a dark street.Yes, women have the right to do whatever they want with their bodies, as all people do. However, when a woman gets pregnant, there is another human being living inside her, a human being with a body of its own. Its heartbeat starts three to four weeks in, and brainwaves start within forty-three days. It is a living being with its own body, heart, and brain.

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And if a woman were to get an abortion, she is not exercising her right over her own body, she is exercising her unwarranted “right” to murder her baby. The body that she is choosing to have destroyed is not her own, and therefore has nothing to do with the right she has over her own body. She is not killing herself, but her child. It has been proven that fetuses can feel pain as early as eight weeks, while most abortions occur between twelve and twenty-four weeks. It is bad enough that it’s being murdered for no good reason, but now, completely defenseless, it is being slaughtered like an animal and can feel every bit of it. It’s not the baby’s fault that the woman gets pregnant. Most women choose to have sex, knowing that no birth control is one-hundred percent reliable, and that there is a chance that she could get pregnant as a result of it.

If a woman isn’t ready to have a child, then she isn’t ready for any type of sexual relationship. And her “accident” is no excuse to kill anybody. So, rather than encouraging women to murder, and teaching them that abortion can be used as a quick fix, we should be teaching the youth of this country that sex is not a joke, and that it’s not something to take lightly. It is serious, and can have serious, long-lasting effects on everyone involved. We should be teaching them how valuable life is, rather than how worthless and disposable it is. We should not be promoting abortion or premarital sex in our movies, television shows, books, or video games. Sex is everywhere in this country, and that’s part of the problem.

If the children in this world weren’t surrounded by sex twenty-four-seven, we wouldn’t have so many kids having sex, and then we wouldn’t have so many pregnant teen-agers who aren’t ready for motherhood, and as a result we wouldn’t have over forty-two million women world-wide getting abortions each year. But rather than teach our youth the right way, our country decides to neglect the law and allow women and doctors to continue using abortion as a quick way out of a big problem. No matter the circumstance, it should never be considered okay to murder. Even if a woman is raped, it is not lawful to murder the child because of it, and we should not be encouraging it because if she does get an abortion, she is basically punishing the child for what her rapist did to her. And in doing so, she becomes just as worthy of persecution, if not worthier, than the man who raped her. There are other options, such as giving her child up for adoption. Ever since abortion became more available to women, the number of children available for adoption has gone down significantly, leaving many deserving parents childless, with no way of producing children on their own. There are many couples who spend years on a waiting list trying to adopt a child, and some of those couples never get the chance to because all of the children who they would be happy to adopt are being slaughtered like animals.

It doesn’t matter how women become pregnant. Abortion is wrong and anyone who willingly performs or goes through with an abortion should be sentenced to prison because the law in this country still stands. Murder is illegal.

And that is exactly what abortion is. The dictionary meaning of the word “murder” is 1″1. Law. The killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S.

, special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice afterthought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime.” It is ridiculous that our government has allowed abortion in this country because it against the law. Any person in office who would allow that doesn’t belong in the government because the government is supposed to enforce the laws of the country, and if it doesn’t do that, then it is an unstable government that will not keep this country running smoothly. If they are going to allow murder, then why not allow theft, or rape, or kidnapping? As long as it spares someone’s feelings or allows someone to get out of a responsibility they have, it’s perfectly okay, right? No, because that’s stupid. The law clearly states that murder is illegal, and the definition of abortion and the definition of murder are the same, therefore abortion should be illegal and should no longer be considered all right. 1


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