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Last updated: April 22, 2019

Business-to-business means when one of the business makes a sales/purchases of products or services with another business and have to close relationship with the customer for business long-term relationship and success. Most of the transactions happen between a manufacturer and distributor or wholesaler and retailer and the B2B mechanism is complex.Business-to-consumer means sales to a consumer or end user from business with impersonal and mass communication and the B2C mechanism is simple.

Influence the demand between B2C and B2B with Pure competition, Monopolistic competition and Oligopolistic competition. In the 21st century, large organizations, with a large workforce will not exist anymore and there will be mini-organizations to replace also. All the businesses goals to make the profit with growth the company over year by year.

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In order to achieve that require to have power, Employee satisfaction and development, Quality Products and Services, Market Leadership, Challenging, Joy of creation and Service to society. That is the factors influencing the strength of their influence.


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