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1 Executive Summary 3
2 Introduction 4
3 Objective for the plan 07
4 Case for support 08
5 External Analysis 09
6 Organizational Analysis 13
7 Funding Opportunities 15
8 Funding Strategy and Tactics 16
9 Organizational Capacity 19
10 Conclusion 22
11 References 23
12 Appendices 24
Executive Summary
The purpose of this business plan is to outline the major area of focus for Kitchener waterloo habilitation in the coming 10 months. KW habilitation is a non-profit organization whose exclusive purpose is to provide a wide range of individualized services and support to children with developmental disabilities living in Kitchener Waterloo region. We are committed to serving those with developmental disabilities to live their life to the fullest, while creating a family atmosphere that creates a better tomorrow. We do our best to offer a community that promotes self-respect, independence and improves the quality of life.
KW habilitation has offer the highest quality in the work we do. Moreover, we see the nee legislation for our sector, the “services and supports to promote the social inclusion of persons with developmental disabilities Act, 2008” and the associated regulations as a call to take the field of developmental services to a new level of quality and innovation. The marketing plan of the organization is two-fold. First the organization must market itself towards possible supporters and then to possible residents. Supporters will be engaged through personal relationship and an aggressive fundraising plan. Gradually long waiting list for residential care in Kitchener waterloo region will provide the organization with a strong resident base. From the current situation the market for residential care facilities is underserved.
In accordance for the organization to be successful it must meet its fundraising goals. We plan to raise 1.2 million for the initial fund, with $650,000 being contributed before the facility construction begins. The remaining $950,000 will be raised in the first year. KW habilitation will deposit the remaining amount for the development cost through a long-term loan. If financial department is strong then the organization will serve the community for years. Supporters and staffs are the back bone of this organization.

KW habilitation focus on fostering compassion and improving tomorrow for those with mental illness. Like other local community services, programs for children with developmental disabilities started with support from concerned parents in Kitchener waterloo region. From their hard work and concern about their children’s need and the fact that there were little or no community supports available to meet those needs. These parents formed an association and this grew and started the programs for educating the public and getting their support in meeting their children’s needs. In 1960s assistance and support from kinsmen and a great deal of fund raising these dedicated families were the pillars of building two schools that would provide day programs for children with special needs. Later in 1970s KW habilitation name was proposed and was established, the initial programs were learnings for the staff and later it increased community integration and increased quality of life of the individuals made it worth and projects were made to enhance community homes. The current situation is KW habilitation has over 500 employees and gave service to almost 1000 of children and their families. The building works at 99 Ottawa Street South Kitchener, ON. Almost 60% of KW habilitation funding is done by Ontario ministry of community and social services. Rest of the amount are from donors and fundraising activities.
Mission, Vision and Values
KW habilitation works with guided by Vision “a community where everyone belongs and participates” and by our Mission “together with our community, KW habilitation inspires abilities to enrich the lives of children, youth, adults and families”. We are dedicated to helping those with developmental disabilities to live their life to the fullest by creating a homely atmosphere which creates a better future.
Values: like other organization, we do have values and rooted in the genuine respect for the human dignity, we embrace these qualities by defining the following attributes that will foster and promote KW habilitation’s vision of a person centered organizational culture.
• Participation: a culture that promotes citizenship and builds on peoples capacity to learn, work and live in the community. Services and supports are provided in cooperation with people rather than to people
• Respect: a culture that seeks to understand and deeply know the person; that listens with attention and is committed to honoring people’s values, preferences, strengths and gifts.
• Integrity: accountable and tenacious; adheres to high moral principles and professional standards that inspires confidence and pride
• Stewardship: encouraging and supportive and fosters the well-being of others
• Mindfulness: self-aware and reflective; has ethical wisdom and listens empathically
• Synergy: A culture that fosters partnership and possibilities; constructive and services that maximize potential and collaborate for the best possible outcomes.

KW Habilitation has been firm in its belief that no organization has expertise or ability to realize our mission. Together with the people we serve, new and existing partners, donors and funders, we create experiences and deliver programs that result in meaningful outcomes for people served. Through our collective leadership and innovation, we will champion and celebrate organization success. Our future direction focuses on three strategies
1. Living possibilities: KW habilitation will transform to better live possibilities for the people we serve by strengthening our commitment to person centered and person directed practices
2. Inspiring leadership: living the possibilities in our community will require great leaders who know how to influence people to achieve targets. KW habilitation recognizes that it will take the efforts of many leaders including the people we serve, employees, community partners, donors and funders to achieve our vision. Through a focused approach to continuous learning and purposeful partnership we are committed to inspiring leadership to realize the full potential not only the people we serve but for a community as a whole.
3. Championing success: at KW habilitation we measure our success by how many lives we have positively impacted. To champion success, KW habilitation will continue our efforts to look critically at the impact our services are having in people’s lives, promote excellence in all that we do and preserve our sustainability
Current revenue breakdown
KW habilitation financial statements is on the official website. If we look in to it , the statement shows as of march 31,2017 the total revenue was $5,721,240. There is a slight increase when compared to the previous year. KW habilitation has made more than 43% of its revenues from the funds given by the government of ministry of child and youth services, ministry of community and social services. Other funding was slightly increased when compared to 2016. It was almost 7% of the funding included gifts from other charities. When we look at the revenues in 2016, it clearly shows that revenue in the year 2107 increased by $19,789,284 as compared to 2016 which was 19,492,893. This organization has received a major funding by ministry of community and social services and the ministry of children’s services which but increased in the year 2017 $19,821,557. But if we note at the excess of revenues in the year 2016 and 2017 it shows a better year as compared to 2016. In the fundraising scenario, it is seen that KW habilitation uses may fundraising strategy like campaign, event, advertisement, fundraising dinner etc.
Objectives for the plan
As discussed above, KW habilitation majority of funding is from the government so the business plan is to increase its non-governmental funding. This will focus on building a new resident for the children with disabilities, KW habilitation can find and make relations with potential sponsors in the community. This will help the organization to build a new housing system as well as programs and services for the children.
To attain organization goal, there are few objectives which is needed to be achieved
• Construct and develop a high standard residential facility that meets the needs of mentally ill children in Kitchener Waterloo region
• Maintain initial financing by securing commitments from both corporate and individual donors.
• Maintain maximum occupancy which serves the needs of as much of individuals possible.
• Conduct individualized program which helps children and their parents to meet the resident’s needs.
• Operate at only highest quality, providing all residents with the ability to lead a good life.
Case for support
KW habilitation is exceptionally positioned to offer residents for those children with disabilities. As our old building in Kitchener doesn’t have much facility to keep these residents we are developing a project that would help those living in Kitchener Waterloo region. Providing just residents is not a solution there should be some other activities which develop their skills and abilities. The statistics shows that there are 265 individuals in Kitchener Waterloo region, most of the individuals are severely affected with mental health issues they should be given proper treatment and training. It is said that every illness has a solution, the only thing is needed is to show corporation. If the parents and other supporters corporate this project would become a great success. The services that KWH provides aligns with organization mission, because everybody together works with individuals to enrich their lives. This organization ensures the safety of the children, building a safe housing is our priority. The location is also excellent for the residents as it is environment friendly area.
As KW habilitation is finding funds for the new building project, it will address a serious community pressure namely supporting children requiring high complex care and who are in desperate need of residents. This project is designed to meet these challenges physically and to help them live a better life. This project is anticipated to begin next year, on the initial stage few will be moving to our new buildings. As the current building in Kitchener is congested, we do not have room to occupy new residents.
This project will involve change for the children we support as well as for our staff. We know however, that these transformations will assist in improving the autonomy and self-direction of the people we support as well as enhance their skill to develop new relationship and socialize each other. KW is always working 24/7 we have good and energetic staff a long term resident is our target, so donating for this organization is a worth. All the donation to this organization will go directly to the welfare which aims at building resident and their development.
External analysis
? Organizational regulations of the World Health Organization (especially the development of community mental healthcare
? Possibility to provide care services for people with mental disorders by social welfare ECONOMICAL
? Low availability of social welfare homes for people with chronic mental illnesses
? Lack of financial resources necessary to introduce organizational changes
? Financial possibilities of the parents of children with disabilities
? Stigmatization of people with mental disorders
? Increasing number of people in KW region treated for mental disorders TECHNOLOGICAL
? Usage of growing technologies to engage different donors
? KW organization is not frequent user, as they are engaged in other activities but it does have twitter and Facebook page.

Programs and services for the plan
Residential service: to offer the best living condition for all of our residents. We plan to construct a 25-room facility which is easy accessible for those who are mentally disable. The building will be built in a way to enjoy a space all their own. The residents will have a comfortable room which matches similar to residential homes, so that users may feel a homely atmosphere. All the rooms will be comfortable furnished. The residents living will receive 3 meal each day on a given timely basis, along with that a snack will be provided in the evening. The foods are served family style in a dining table. The meals will be prepared by a trained cooking staff, and therefore will be able to meet the individual nutritional requirements of all of our residents. Also, there will be a trained Dining Aide staff with as many as volunteers who will assist those individuals with special eating needs.
Moreover, there will be areas which will be available for activities and entertainment. There will be a prayer room where all children will gather morning and do their prayers. There will be a large yoga hall which occupies 100 individuals in the room, both parents and children can participate in this activity. The living spaces will offer residents an opportunity to socialize with one another as well as the facility’s volunteer and staff. All our staffs will be available 24 hours a day, they could come any time and this will able to meet the needs of residents. There will be fire and safety equipment in each room and a fire exit door for easy access to the way outside. Also, there will be a trained nursing staff which will be on duty from 6am to 10 pm to meet the medical needs of the residents. During the evening hours that is from 10pm to 6am there will be a trained staff who is skilled in emergency medical procedures.
Day Program: we offer a Day program to provide an experience to socialize with people. This program aims to enhance the lives of our residents and to teach new skills through a variety of activities and programs. By doing this, we hope to give them the skills they need to live as independently as possible. By providing this program we hope to instill a variety of skills including communicating with others, making their own choices, self-eating, personal hygiene, domestic skills, developing hobbies and interest. These are the basic things that children need to be understood. These skills will be emphasized through a variety of programs and activities designed and coordinated by a trained Day program staff. There will be variety of sports and games which strengthens their physical health.
Entertainment and work area facility will be designated specifically for the program. According to the state law it is said to use 40 square feet of usable floor space for each resident. Our facility is designed to accommodate 25 residents and so our program activity center will be 2400 square feet in area. The day program will have staff of four who looks after developing individualized programs for each resident and working with volunteers. These volunteers will include family members of the residents. Finally, it is important the program plan is proven person centered which is developed by active participation from the residents.
KW habilitation derives its revenue from three resources like resident contribution, governmental payments, donations and funding. The government payment is categorized into two per diem reimbursement and day program, the rate is 150$ and 600$ respectively. These rates are fixed by the governmental mental health department. The residential families have decided to give 200$ per month for the activities of residential care and day program services. The donation that we are asking for will put forward to the construction and development of the facility, along with securing the organizational financial future. Therefore, donations are needed for the success of the organisation. A small portion of donation will go forward for investment fund. The donation or fundraising will protect the organisation against fluctuation in government revenues in the future.
KW habilitation also hope to develop strategical alliances with corporate sponsorship, physicians, hospital.
? Corporate sponsorship: we hope to improve connection with a variety of corporate funders who are willing to donate our organisation. We plan to put into place a variety of programs to support these activities
? Physician: we will collaborate with local physician to take on healthcare of our residents
? Hospital: a formal written agreement with hospital for the emergency treatment and services of our residents.

KW habilitation plan to locate in Waterloo, since we do not have an office in Waterloo region it would be easily accessible for those living in Waterloo area also it is located near Conestoga mall where bus services are available in Kitchener Waterloo region. We chose this location because of our ability to raise money and public awareness in the community.

SWOT analysis
? Our staff have vast experience and training
? Our central location will be convenient to the entire Kitchener Waterloo region
? KW will pride itself to have the best quality residential building. Our dedication will enhance the reputation over time Weakness
? Our strategies relies upon an excellent initial and ongoing fundraising campaign. By utilizing personal relationship and experienced supporters. We are sure that our fundraising will reach the goals
? Any new organisation faces the challenges of establishing itself in the community. We need supporters to become more powerful. This will gain the trust
? With more than 200 people signed up on the waiting list of existing facilities, there should not be a problem reaching capacity
? Studies shows that mentally retarded are living longer and often outliving their parents. This create more demand as medical technologies continue to improve Threat
? Decrease funding from other soruces
? New entries in to the market pose a threat
? Lack of fundraising jeopardizes the feasibility of the facility. but we believe that fundraising is feasible, and will be executed successfully

Moreover, to create an external analysis it is important to take into account that some of the organisations internal strength and weaknesses using a SWOT analysis. When looking at strength we have the best experienced staff and volunteers. Also, the location is apt for the residents because it has calm and quiet atmosphere it is the best for the daily travellers where all bus services are available. The organisation is proud to show that we have excellent building plan which would be comfortable for the residents.
When looking at the weaknesses, the point that quoted is not a big deal since our organisation has excellent history we would never suffer for funding’s also we have a good brand name. Many people rely on us as we have good facilities.
When it comes to the opportunity we lack in providing rooms for everybody, as we are going to start the project soon we will be moving few residents to the new location in the initial stage. This is why we are asking for the donation; our project should be implemented fast. We provide modern treatment and technologies as we have contract with hospitals. We would provide best treatment and services. As our main goal is to build residential building, we are expecting an amount of 12000000$, we believe that giving funding for this project is a worth, because large projects would give larger impact.
Our main motive is to make campaign for funding’s, as we are trying to involve more funders for this project. It is essential to improve on its current donor stewardship practices. We have trained employs in working with software, our power is documentation we know who our past donors are and we maintain relationship with them. We thank them while offering funds through email, post, Facebook and we have a great attachment with their family. We ensure that we send wishes cards during Easter and Christmas. We also provide our annual report via mail so that they can look what services we have given in the previous year. KW habilitation has developed a fundraising committee to be more creative to find funds, they are responsible for finding funds. As we are in modernized world we have to attract people and feel them to give fund for our organisation, so that creative fundraising will be effective, particularly other agencies are competitive, as the need to diversify funding increases. Since we are experienced and professional, we have a good name in the society. But we have to work more in advertising and have connection with the people. Let the people talk about our agency so that it increases our fame.

Funding opportunities
As KW habilitation goal is to find money for the new building, we are expecting an amount of 750,000$ in the initial stage. As we have to start the project soon we know that final amount 1.2 million dollars cannot be earned soon. KW habilitation have committed to personally donate 56,000 dollars for the campaign and activities. In order to meet the initial, start up and operating cost KW has created an aggressive fundraising plan. The cornerstone of this plan is a founders committee of 12 people, pledging donates 50,000$ each. These 12 people will not only give funding’s, but also make sure that they give their valuable time to the initial fundraising effort. Once the founders committee has been established, a wider group of supporters can be grouped in to different teams to find funding’s.
As our initial fundraising goal is 750,000$. Construction of this project will begin once we have met the initial funding’s. This initial funding’s will be used to develop the facility, cover a portion of operating costs, and help to secure the financial future of the organisation. We plan to complete the initial funding within 4 months.
The purpose of this business plan is to determine how fundraising will be incorporated into KW habilitation revenue breakdown and budget. While our goal is to attain 1.2 million, KW will employ a number of fundraising tactics, focus on advertising, sales, special events, social media and donor stewardship

Funding strategy and tactics
To meet the fundraising goals outlined above, including amount for the capital campaign.KW habilitation will focus on expanding and developing different areas like social media, special events, advertising, donor stewardship and sales. As we have good branding people know about our agency and functions the only thing we have to let them know is our new project.

Social media
Social media is the best way to interact with people, convey our message. It gives a huge impact to the people. It is the volunteer’s duty to update in social media about our program. Two of the volunteer will be responsible for the photography they ensure that they take photos and uploading our events in social media platforms. We already have pages Instagram and Facebook. Our project details and photos will be updated daily to show the progress of our project. Including the pictures of our building before construction and after construction. Our fundraising activity and events will be uploaded and we will thank those who have donated money for this social cause. Since social media is free of cost it can reach larger audience we could save money through marketing
Events will be conducted for giving attention to the public living around. A larger public event will be initiated for the campaign. There will be other entertainment activities like full marathon, polar plunge, games. these events will take place soon because it is summer time people hang around, this would be the best time for the publicity of the project. We are planning to conduct a mega event for people living in Kitchener Waterloo region this event will include mega shows, musical night, talent hunt children in our organisation will participate in this event.

Advertising is the best tool for raising awareness, it will become a central component of the capital campaign. It can attract larger audience and also gives brand recognition to the public. So, giving money for advertisement is worth. We plan to advertise in newspapers, magazines, brochure and posters it can reach more people as everybody doesn’t use social media this would reach more audience as well. Advertisement of the event will also compromise marketing strategy. Our advertisement will be published in public places like malls, bus stations, train station etc.
It has given a greater impact when we had advertised for the past projects, it influences more people. Engaging newspaper and radio stations with sponsorship goals asking in kind services for advertising will be performed at the initial stage of the official launch of the campaign

Donor stewardship
Donor stewardship is another effective tool for updating and maintaining fundraising practices. Maintaining a good relationship with the existing donors is a good method like sending newsletter, updating the information on the progress of the project. Including activities and events of the organisation. After they donate, never forget to send thank you letter or to make a call, it will be a best practice. Regular donors should show to donate more for the project. As this project have a big budget make them influenced that it is a huge project which can gain a larger people. Executive director and managers will be responsible for thanking them and sending gifts. Sharing the success of the project and information on how their contribution has gained children with disabilities and their wellness.

The other tactic which can be used for fundraising is sales, which is selling product to raise money for the project. Selling items which is made by the children living in the organisation they can raise money by selling their product for example paper bags which we sell for 2$, it can influence larger audience. KW accepts any money that is given for the product, we would find stations in mall, public stations etc. also with the information about our project and placing a donation box besides the selling area. So that everybody could contribute their money.

At last, funding tactics which is a method to get into the community. Like the above-mentioned paragraphs setting up stalls and placing donation boxes. The boxes can also be given in shops, supermarkets. We can also hand out brochures, talk with people about the project in order to attract new donors. These can be the best way to raise money. We will make sure that all our strategies are conducted before winter and ensure that we he attained the goal, as our project is to be done soon these will be done as soon as possible.

Organisational capacity
KW habilitation create a quality home which would give a homely atmosphere where our residents can live happily and successfully. We aim to create the best living condition possible, with modern furnished and decorated living rooms. KW habilitation believes that each and every individual are valuable for us they are should be treated equally. We ensure that every one gets the opportunity to feel the atmosphere. We have the best team in providing the services, whose only focus is the happiness and care for each individual living in our facility. We want to create the best facility and activities, so that our resident can truly enjoy the life and get the best outcome from it. Our min motive is to get our residents to learn, to be happy and to socialize with people. KW habilitation are sure that we accomplish all of these goals.
KW habilitation make sure that it is important to evaluate current capacity to establish these changes. As we have identified strength, weakness, opportunity and threat, the current fundraising committee the organisation will be relaxed to adopt a variety of fundraising solutions. We all know that most of the organisation is geared towards an older donor base, overlooking opportunities to enlarge in advertising the services KW provides to a wider audience. We have done other major fundraising which was a great success. Our new strategies may work in continuing the success. We have experienced staff and volunteers we make sure that each part has been analysed and done successfully. All of the full time and part time employees are more involved with program and service delivery than resource development or fundraising.
Our management team will consist of individual with experience in heath care and nursing home industry. These individuals will be charged with maintaining the daily operations of the facility as will as supporting the long-term viability of the organisation. The management will include chief administrative office who will be responsible for the overall operation and management of the facility. Chief business officer who will take in charge of business and finance operation of the facility. Residential service coordinator will work with staff in order to maintain excellence in service and quality living condition for all residents. Day programmer and volunteer coordinator, he/she will work with the staff in order to maintain excellence in service and quality living conditions for all residents. Social service coordinator, this individual will be responsible for resident’s admissions and intakes. They also give sales presentations to prospective residents, give tour of our new project and will take care of families to fill out paperwork for admissions. Accountant will work with chief business officer and the chief administrative officer in order to create adequate financial statements. Lawyer will be responsible for representing KW habilitation in any legal proceedings.

Outside management support
KW habilitation will also trust on outside resource for management support. These include both a certified accountant and an Attorney. These services will be donated by other organization.
Board of directors: an outside board of directors will be assembled including high qualified individual from throughout the community.
Staffing: in order to achieve a higher personalized care, KWH will be tailored to meet the needs of what the government classifies as mild to moderately retarded individual
Volunteers: they are the back bone of the organization, they will be actively recruited throughout the community and will include all age levels and abilities. They will be utilized nearly every aspect of the organization from daily operation and care to fundraising.

To wrap up, this business developmental plan shows the value in developing an effective fundraising strategy. To achieve this required amount is prepared and finalized very sensibly. The residential project that was carefully made with the consideration of community need. All the programs that mentioned in the above paragraphs needs to be conducted and implemented, KW habilitation is pretty sure the target amount will be achieved within the time frame. This organization will develop a better donor stewardship practices, social media content, increase sales and event planning, as well as expand advertising to reach more donors. Our main target is to see the happiness of the children and to enrich their lives. By applying this project, we believe that we attain one of our mission. Thus, concluding this business development plan and wishing a great success.?
KW_Habilitation_2016-2017 AuditedFinancialStatements
Financial statement of the year

Contact information
Kitchener, ON N2G 3S8
Main office: 519-744-6307
General Inquiries: [email protected]

Contact Person
Tracy franks
Director of Community Participation & Employments Supports
Email: [email protected]



Summary of fundraising methods
Description of fundraising methods Line number Answer
Collection boxes 1700 YES
Auctions 2200 N/A
Ads/print/radio/TV commercials 2200 N/A
Sales 2500 N/A
Internet 2670 YES
Mail campaigns 2400 N/A
Fundraising dinner 2600 N/A
Targeted contacts 2630 N/A
Sports 2750 N/A
Telephone/ TV 2550 N/A
Targeted corporate donation 2560 YES
Other 2720 N/A


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