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Last updated: May 27, 2019

Burying the past can result in a lot of consequences, but among all of them losing significant relationships is the worst. In 1984 Rob, the main character experienced a traumatic event that shook him to the point where now 20 years later he has yet come clean to what really happened in the woods with his three friends, but only he came out alive. Every time he tries to enjoy a point in life he can only “Picture a summer stolen whole from some coming-of-age film set in small-town 1950s” (French 1). Rob’s memories of Knocknaree, Ireland depicts the town with a perfect warming toned filter, just like many childhood memories are. However, the word stolen foreshadows the crime and the memories being robbed from him. Looking back to a certain time of life can hit an incredibly soft spot in any individual’s heart and it did for Rob.

Holding this situation to himself cornering all the thoughts in his head caused the loss of close friends and family because there was no way to speak what was on his mind without getting ambushed by curious people. It is a common norm today to toss away challenging subjects in the past and just assume as if it will never affect how the present will turn out. Rob lied to so many people that he was too damaged to be honest with himself or his peers. Being so messed up with pieces of his past missing he is unable to feel comfortable with anything around him and with him. He is so distraught about how family members and friends view him that he doubts himself and lacks a positive self-image.

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While moments pass more secrets are kept in the dark, more relationships fall apart with time, and with distance.


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