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Last updated: February 24, 2019

Building a new housing estate in a wetland area, close to home is cause for concern, due to the endangered toad called the Western Leopard Toad using the Wetland as a breeding ground. An investigation was done, information was gathered and a report drawn up
• Habitat loss – Building a housing development will limit the hunting area and movement of the toads and can lead to the isolation and loss of populations of breeding sites
• Building a housing development will lead to Road traffic – this will cause a number of deaths of the toads each year, especially during the breeding season when they travel to and from their reproducing sites
• Drowning of toads – which happens when developments build swimming pools or canalized rivers.
• Barriers – like walls, embankments and canals limit the toads from moving freely
• Pollutants – breeding sites become more exposed to pollutants in developed areas
• Aggressive floating plants and reed beds – lessen and destroy toad breeding environments

• Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems in the world. They are very important in maintaining food webs. Should a housing development be introduced this would impact negatively on the food web, in particular the Western Leopard Toad causing the food link to change resulting in a number of other animal species and plants being affected
• Wetlands provide large amounts of food which attracts a lot of animal kind and in the event of any housing development taking place this would impact negatively on the availability of the food which in turn will impact negatively on the animals life cycle and reduce the number of animal kind.
• Introducing a housing development will definitely affect the natural habitat of the Western Leopard Toad affecting the life cycle of the toad and could lead to it also becoming extinct. Wetlands are also natural habitat for fish and wildlife. Many animals rely on wetlands to live and breathe and cannot survive anywhere else. A housing development could lead so some of these fish and wildlife also becoming extinct.
• Wetlands store CO2 in their plant groups instead of letting it go into the atmosphere. Introducing a housing development will reduce the number of plant groups affecting the global climate conditions
• Wetlands help with flood control
• Wetlands are important to people in that they provide benefits that no other ecosystems can offer. They provide natural water, flood protection, shoreline erosion control. Protecting the wetlands protects our safety and well-being
• Wetlands provide natural products for our economy and we use an abundance of natural products such as fish, shellfish, timber, wild rice and cranberries. Some medicines come from the wetlands soils and plants

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• Improved water quality, flood control, wildlife and fisheries habitat, and recreational opportunities are just a few economic benefits that wetlands provide. Wetlands are an important. Keeping them healthy is vital in preserving clean water to care for wildlife and fish populations.
• Wetlands prevent flooding by holding water much like a sponge. This helps wetlands retain river levels normal and filter and purify the surface water. Wetlands accept water during storms and whenever water levels are high.
• Recreation and Tourism. Between bird watching, biking, hiking, and kayaking, wetlands provide people with many tourist attractions
• Educational Benefits – many schools visit wetlands to learn about them and their benefits and to become more educated on our environment and protecting it
• Storm Buffer. Scientists have determined that every three miles of healthy wetlands could trim about one foot off a storm surge.

It was concluded that the Development would be detrimental to the environment, bird, plant and animal life. The benefits of the Wetland continue to far outweigh the negatives and it was concluded that the development would impact negatively on the environment locally and globally


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