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Last updated: February 14, 2020

Brittnie Olney”The denotation of a sign is its first level of meaning, and you have to be able to understand that meaning before you can move to the next level” (Massik and Soloman 10).

Communication is going to be key to form the foundation of peace. It can be hard to connect things we do not understand. A misinterpretation may lead to destruction causing a conflict that did not have to happen. Not knowing the unknown can inflict fear on society. Our culture does characterize our communication. Society and culture impact the words that we express, and the words that we express impact society and culture.

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The news did play a major part in the film “Arrival”. News stations along with social media rose to their fullest potential when the aliens landed on earth. Within minutes the nationals knew what was happening in our society. Technology had kept society up to date on the latest changes that were going on.

The news and media were in their own war for the newest social story to report. Only the best stories should be broadcasted and enlighten society on what they don’t already know about the aliens. Many opinions and points of view were debated. Society feeding off the broadcasting made others take the situation into their own hands and how the aliens should be dealt with.There are many different cultures in our world.

Communicating seems to influence the way society handles daily tasks. In the film “Arrival” Ean states “Language is the foundation of civilization. The glue that holds people together and is the first weapon drawn in a conflict”. Good communication and understanding is most valued in culture society. Louise and Ean dramatically tried to enlighten their team, that the nations must stick together. Figure out why the aliens have arrived and what they want.

The communication between the nations would set society up for success. Instead China branching out and going rouge, influencing war was a major setback. The word weapon is portrayed in the film as an imminent threat and fear to society. A threat that could cause harm to the world or destroy it. Sonia Maasik and Jack Soloman, Signs of Life in the U.

S.A., explain “Whether you believe that films distract us from the real world or inspire us to imagine a better one” (Massik and Soloman 323). Due to the reference of weapon people automatically divided. The fear that aliens might be there to destroy the world, while others displayed a different meaning as weapon being a non-threat.

A word that is acknowledged as one thing can state another meaning. Experiences of aliens landing on earth do not happen but if there was a scenario that occurred along those lines. There was a protocol set in place for that very purpose.

To help ease fear and make sure society does their best to defuse the situation. Spirituality intents for us to strive for an improved life. To understand the aliens and how they processed. It took time and patience along with great knowledge to read their form of language. Being able to put pictures into a vocabulary form was remarkable.

Strived to be better at understanding the aliens without any sounds and only symbols. Materialism intends for us to have more significant things and significant worth. The nations needed to work together to find out what the aliens intend was. At first it seemed that society was working together trying to figure out the problem as one. Towards the middle things started to get out of control and nations started to divide into their own protocol of how things needed to be done.

It seemed that the nations started to withhold intel because their worth of knowing more than the others held them to a higher standard. Having that worth of higher playing cards was worth not figuring out why the aliens arrived and what they were seeking. Works CitedArrival. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, performances by Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner, Paramount pictures, 2016.Maasik, Sonia and Jack Soloman.

Signs of Life in the U.S.A.: The Culture of American Film. 8th ed., Bedford/St.

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