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Briefly explain each myth and provide a short, one or two sentences, personal thought on the myth vs reality.a.

Team are harmonious people who compromise their needs for the sake of the teamPeople in the team have different specific needs, exposures, capacities, talents and behaviors. However, when these people assigned to work in a team to deliver a single objective, they will ignore their individual needs and characteristics to agree with and work harmoniously to collectively deliver the assigned mission. And this is called the team are harmonious people who compromises their needs for the sake of the team.b. Team conflict is unhealthyConflict on a team is not only good, it is necessary to ensure the members of the team are challenging themselves and each other to the level of high performance.

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Team is, “A group of individuals who passionate about common goal”. The passion for the common goal allows the conflict to be seen in the positive light, as the “light” is about achieving the objective not with each other (Wright, 2013). As with the most thing in life, the extremes are the problems. If the team is in constant conflict, it needs to evaluate the root causes of the conflict.

Because, it extreme conflicts will affect the performance and the end goal of the team (Lynn, 2013).c. Most people like teamworkPeople like to work as a team for the same objective because, teamwork will motivate the work more. Besides, teamwork is help the people to improve their efficiency, and learn better skill about what they are doing. Researchers named the term TEAM as (T=together, E=everyone, A=achieves, M=More) and it indicates teamwork can make differences (Amrita 2018). d. Teamwork is essential to business successMany academic studies have been produced in recent years which prove that the teamwork is essential to healthy work environment, which is more like to lead to and produce result from the bottom line as well as the overall culture of communication (Weisen 2017).

Teamwork can rapidly increase competitiveness in improving productivity, quality of the work, motivation and commitment, and creates synergy. Hence, the positive and cumulative effects of these teamwork values will help the business to be productive and profitable. e. Teams are easy to influence and manageThe team is easy to influence and manage because, the members are obedient to the specific goal as the team. The specific goal that the team is going deliver will guide the team members to work harmoniously.

Hence, the leader can easily influence and manage the team under the shadow of the primary objective assigned to the team. f. Senior managers encourage teamworkA manager can use team meeting to solve problems, build good working relationships, and reviewing how the progressing against objectives. By creating an open and honest environment, a manager can encourage the staff to share information and knowledge, thereby building support and thrust. After all, peers are often, the best advisers to their colleagues (McBride 2012).


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