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Last updated: April 2, 2019

Brick is a core material that is commonly used to build the wall of building especially in Malaysia. At present, brickwork defects are commonly found in buildings. This problem is getting more serious from time to time. Not everybody knows that in brick making use a very high energy consumption and can cause environmental pollution as wall materials have major impact on the building development. There are various ways should be taken to develop a new eco-friendly building material to protect nature from being pollute and to overcome the energy consumption.

One of the ways to protect the nature is to produce an insulating material by using agriculture waste product or in other words from renewable resources such as wheat straw, oat straw and others. These agriculture waste have their own advantages as a thermal insulating material due to their hollow structure, low density and have a great characteristics of heat insulation. Furthermore, the uses of straw not only solve the problem of straw as a waste product but is also help the building to be more comfortable during summer so that it fits with Malaysia’s weather

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