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Last updated: January 7, 2020

BRD209 Creativity and Innovation

1.0 Perturbing thoughts

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Task 1
Student Number = 33512333
After Adding 1 to the last number = 33512334
The two words that corresponds from the last 2 numbers, 3 and 4, are “Key” and “Toothbrush”.
Key: The rat became the coachman, but without a map, they can’t go anywhere. The Fairy Godmother turned the key into an Electric Toothbrush and says it will come handy shortly. Well, after the Fairy Godmother left, the Tooth Fairy passed by, it was night time; the perfect time to collect tooths! In exchange for directions, the Tooth Fairy who happened to be the Fairy Godmother’s Grandchild, requested to borrow the electric toothbrush to clean some of her tooths.
Object Resemblance: Sturdy object with a flat handle and protruding edges. The handle became longer, and the protruding edges became bristles. The key is metallic, and electric toothbrushes is metallic on the inside.
Toothbrush: This Toothbrush is unfortunately not an electric one, but the Fairy Godmother turned it into a rifle, as the footmens were empty handed. Bandits are expected appear along the road.
Object Resemblance: Long object with a handle. Overall shape is similar to a rifle.

Task 2
The Electric Toothbrush has reverted back, causing a hole into one of the teeth.

Task 3
The fairy godmother works as a dentist. She has her tooth fairy grandchild to collect teethes for her to make tooth replacements. And the electric toothbrush that she turned the key into was her invention, the latest Fairy IIV model.

2.0 Innovation all around us
The aspect chosen is technology. Technology in essence is mainly focused on improving efficiency and convenience. This can cause a multitude of impacts on our body if not managed correctly, such as increase in risk of obesity, depression and social isolation.
The benefits are plenty. Such as, easy access to information at anywhere and anytime, improved entertainment we have more video games now, good music to listen and visual systems like smart TV’s, improved housing and lifestyle most of the items that we have in our homes today are automated, and etc. (Janet Bowker, n.d., p1). Technology has changed our lives in drastic ways, and it will continue to do so.

2.1 Web Communications
The development of technology is mainly related to globalization. The Internet has allowed us to connect to anywhere in the world, to collect or share information in a short moment. It may look like we can get out of borders and bring the entire world into our room by using our computer. Even though the Internet has saved our time and is free and public, recently it has become a problem as well. Many young people especially, spend too much time on it. Izabela Music (n.d., p1) An overreliance on the internet can cause social isolation from the lack of real-life interactions and staying at home. Some people have stopped going out with friends and started to live a virtual life. Moreover, people are slowly losing their social characteristics, and adapting to indirect communication on the Internet. They could show their emotions and feelings with signs and symbols while overlooking how to act in the real world.

2.2 Computer Games
Similar to Web Communications, computer games also require heavy usage in computers or mobile phones. However, gaming has a very high chance of becoming an addiction. There is now a large number of researches that shows obsessive video gameplay can lead to various negative psychosocial consequences for individuals. These can include foregoing hobbies, socializing, time with partner/family, education, work, and sleep.
The medical issues include enuresis, obesity, wrist pain, epileptic seizures, painful tendons, encoprisis, neck discomfort, calluses, and numbness of fingers. auditory hallucinations, tenosynovitis –also called “nintendinitis”, hand-arm vibration syndrome, sleep anomalies, swellings, psychosomatic challenges, and repetitive strain injuries (Mark D, Daria J, Daniel L ,2012, p 31).

2.3 Health Industry
Medical technologies advancements are mainly in medical devices, e-health solutions and imaging apparatus and is primarily used to monitor, identify, assess and treat patients that suffers from a range of medical conditions. The products produced by the industry ranges from smartphone dongles and lenses to blood-glucose monitors and cardiac implants, hospital beds as well as MRI scanners. These innovations that the medical technology industry has made probable as a result, many people now live longer, healthier, independent and more energetic lives. Medical technology has also enhanced the efficiency and productivity of various healthcare systems, routing them onto a workable path. As a European industry with quick innovation cycles that services many specialized professionals, the medtech industry is also a noteworthy catalyst for economic growth. Medical technology is now responsible for increasing the life expectancy in numerous diseases, improving the quality of life and allows people to remain integrated, and socially energetic members of the society. Between 1980 and 2011, a European citizen’s life expectancy at birth has improved higher than 6 years (Medtech, 2013, p9).

2.4 Future Changes to the Human Body (10 Years)
In 10 years, there may not be much of a change in the human body. Also, various industries have capitalized on the problems, by offering solutions. Governments like Singapore have launched campaigns(HPB) to raise awareness of the potential health issues. Life Expantancy is expected to increase and outweigh the various disadvantages due to the rapid advancements in medical technology. As compared to 10 years ago, not many changes can be seen, other than robotic arms and legs.

2.5 Future Changes to the Human Body (50 – 100 Years)
Social Isolation will increase, and it may change the way we speak to others face to face. People may lose touch of social norms. Also, from prolonged sitting there can be changes in our back posture. Some people might even lie down in the beds for prolonged time while using their laptops and mobile phones, thus causing acid reflux and back problems. Therefore, there will probably be an increase of medical cases in spine issues in the health industry. From an evolution point of view, 50-100 years is not enough for mankind to develop a natural curve in their spine without any health implications. Due to the creation of robots, and technological advancements in mechanical replacements for the human body, we might be able to see people with 50% or more mechanical parts than their own flesh and body.

Part C: Creativity and Innovation around us
The organization chosen is PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA has published numerous creative campaigns on blogs, websites, YouTube channels, Facebook pages, Twitters and also Instagram accounts.
Recently this year, PETA’s Animals in Film and Television Division has launched and created their own awards to bring out and show 2017’s best animal-friendly actors and films. The criteria are by not using live animals, or by promoting kindness to animals. Those that are chosen to be of top honors have included positive animal rights messages by encouraging sympathy and kindness towards every living type and to show that true heroes help animals and that they do not hurt them in any way. Bonus points to those that also uses CGI animals (Zachary Toliver, Feb 2018).
PETA is well known for its shocking advertising and naked celebrity spokespeople. In video and print ads launched in 2014, PETA portrays a story of animal cruelty entirely using emojis, with hypodermics, hammers and handguns hurting cute bunnies, monkeys and tigers. Although they are turned into skeletons at the end of the show, there’s no actual carnage depicted. But still, it is a typical PETA ad, so there is some blood spilled, but just cartoonish this time (T.L. Stanley Mar 2014, p3).
Again in 2018, PETA has started another creative campaign with a social experiment to point to the mistreatment of animals around the globe. In cooperation with the creative agency Kolle Rebbe as well as the digital agency Demodern, PETA has formed a virtual reality development called “Eye to Eye”, depicting what if we can have a chat with animals. For example, the animal could ask us why we locked it up, eat them or process them into clothing. This time, both species can meet on equivalent terms to have a dialog. While depending on the person’s discussion between himself/herself and the animal, the rabbit will guide it’s visitors to various virtual places to show them about their freedom, the value of living, and also slaughter houses and labs for animal testing (Claudia, Feb 2018).
The organization PETA has never failed to stop bringing the attention of people through creative methods to reduce our activities of meat consumption, fur wearing and animal abuse. Some of the campaigns are also highly engageable, such as the emojis story, where youngsters use them most often. PETA is a not for profit organization, therefore their passion for creativity stems from their real love for animals and the passion to stop animal cruelty. Their target group is also very wide, since animals are highly interacted by all age groups. Which a wide range of supporters and endless pool of creative campaigns, PETA may not be able to stop animal abuse once and for all. However, it has certainly made a huge impact in the animal industry.


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