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Last updated: August 13, 2019

Brand innovation in Muller’s GroupWhen Muller came to us in 2012, over 1 million people had lost their desire for a delicious, yummy Muller Corner. Also increasing rivalry from the competition of other dairy products, their packaging design was turning consumers uninterested. They were starting to search for other brands. The brief of Muller group was to redesign the complete Muller range of products, to be an ‘invitation’, rather than a signpost. Moreover, consumers’ perceptions of what delicious food look like having moved on with the advent of celebrity chefs and programmes such as the Great British Bake Off. They needed to create desire and define individual propositions and personalities for each of the sub barns to aid consumer navigation and get consumers to fall back in love with the brand again. Visual Planning helped Muller define individual propositions, with the iconic corners being beautifully delicious and luring.

The light calorie food consists only 99 calories, grabbed the target mindset of being fun and fashionable and having it all Sassy lusciousness yogurts and heels whilst Rice is a delicious, healthier snack brimming with excellent tasty goodness. The iconic corners brand is now beautifully tempting with the corner peel back acting as a tempting invitation into a moment of pleasure. Muller Light has been given a sophisticated, stylish and light-hearted personality. Rice is bright, optimistic and healthful with the introduction of more natural ingredients. The continuation to work closely with Muller designing the packaging and developing names for award winning new product development whipped Greek Style Bliss and Muller Light Fruit polis. The Muller Light portfolio has been further differentiated with Greek Style products, bringing to life the picture postcard escapism whilst sub brand Goodies takes customers to a delicious patisserie (French pastry) moment. With the launch of Muller Rice 5 Grains, Muller have created a sub brand that leverages the visual language of wholegrain and breakfast to appeal to consumer’s desire for more healthy breakfast options for the daily customers.The launching of Muller again in December 2012 returned Muller to the number 1 position in the chilled yogurts category with a 10.3% value share, and a £13 million year on year increase in sales, resulting in a prestigious GOLD DBA award for the Coley Porter Bell team.Today, Muller Light and Muller Corner hold the number 1 and 2 positions in the chilled yogurts category respectively.

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