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Last updated: April 14, 2019

Born in a diverse country as a part of the minority has given me an internationally diverse outlook. It has also made me more observant towards those around me. In my middle school, I was friends with both the affluent and the less privileged ones. The contrast of their lifestyle was an eye opener for me that made me realize the power money has in our lives; it was at that time my interest in finance and the desire to study the subject further arouse.In the financial field, decision making is a crucial thing which can result in either vast profits or significant losses.

As decision making has a strong correlation with probability–both involved with the element of unpredictability, I would like to combine my passion for both mathematics and finance to learn in more depth as a university student. Looking for solutions to the complex relationship of financial schemes and the mathematics behind it is something I find very rewarding as well as intriguing. In high school, I have learnt how to identify a business’ cash flow and the breakeven point of a business. This has led me to realize the importance of financial reporting in order to create a successful business.I am now currently in my final year of high school in Christian Senior High School 1 of Penabur Jakarta, which is one of the most prestigious high school in my country, Indonesia, and will be graduating soon on June 2019. Although my high school is considered quite competitive, but rather than getting me down, it motivates me to achieve my full potential and to strive higher.

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My passion for mathematics has helped me to be able to maintain exceptional grades all through my school years–as it is a fundamental subject on which many others subjects depend on. I was really intrigued that mathematics could be applied to solve things in real world situations. For instance, the way we can calculate risks to ensure that companies make proper decisions on how they invest their money.Apart from academic studies, I took part as the decoration committee in my school annual cup for two consecutive years and volunteered in many school events as the decoration committee. My participation in the decoration committee has provided me room to develop my ability to work as a part of a team, as well as the leader of a team, and also to communicate well with others that will be particularly helpful at university.

It has also considerably improved my ability to listen and respect others’ opinions and ideas and manage my time efficiently. Alongside with that, I also took three different extracurricular activities which are Kolintang, an Indonesian traditional music instrument, Web Design, and Girl Scout.After graduating from high school, I plan to continue my further study abroad, as studying abroad in a completely new surrounding and culture is undoubtedly one of the most unique experience a person can get in a lifetime. It gives a wide room for personal development and exposure to other cultures.

I believe that studying abroad will enable me to acquire more skills and a broader perspective in many aspects. It will also allow me to immerse into the rich cultural environment that Taiwan provides.The reason why I choose Taiwan to continue my further study is not only because of its rich cultural environment, but also because its strong future job prospects, the high quality of Taiwan’s higher education system, and last but not least the well-known friendliness of the local people.

By studying in Taiwan, I could also have the opportunity to improve my Mandarin speaking ability, due to the fact that Mandarin is Taiwan’s official language. Furthermore, as an Indonesian with Chinese ancestry, I believe that studying in Taiwan will also grant me a better understanding of the traditions that my family practices at home.It has long been my dream to continue my study in Taiwan, especially in National Taiwan University. There are several reasons why I choose to study in National Taiwan University, such as its outstanding research facilities and its up to date computing facilities. Furthermore, being the most prestigious university in Taiwan, I have no doubt that National Taiwan university will provide me with the best education and prepare me for my future career ahead. I am looking forward to undertaking the finance degree in National Taiwan University. As it will not only give me the academic grounds, but also the social experience as well.

I am aware of how your university receives an enormous amount of application each year and I hope to be given the opportunity to discover challenges and opportunities that a finance degree at Taiwan’s number 1 university will bring.


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