Topic: Sociology

Last updated: February 5, 2019

Booker T. Washington

(April 5, 1856-November 14, 1915)

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Booker Taliaferro Washington was an African-American educator, author, advisor to Republican presidents, and a black political leader. He was a reflection to the last generation of blacks born into slavery. Washington spoke to African Americans in the south in which they specifically couldn’t vote due to the harsh law regulating the opportunity from south lawmakers. Washington had a great talent when it came to his great speeches influencing the African American community. Although he accomplished many things in his lifetime, his greatest and perhaps most successful contribution to the South was creating Tuskegee University. With consistency Washington gained positive support from all norms such as whites, blacks, religious communities and other big contributions in enhancing his success. Booker T. Washington believed that African American accomodation to segregation should be accompanied by hardwork and patience. He was also well known for his accommodation to the political realities of Jim Crow segregation laws. In reading are textbook about Washington he focused on the issues of leadership and public appearance, his work impacted the African-American community, and also revealed the struggles amongst the African-American community. However, he accomplished so much when it came to higher education and motivating African American community. His contributions to society broke many norms for us with consistency and perseverance he made it known that African americans in his society can accomplish anything.


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