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0pt 0.5pt 0in 0pt plain 0pt document *Pre – Calculus empty *BSMath 5-2 Acknowledgement Analytic
Geometry *Introduction The study of the geometry of gures by algebraic representation and manip-
ulation of equations describing their positions, congurations, and separations is called Analytic Geometry.
Analytic geometry is also called coordinate geometry since the ob jects are described as n-tuples of points
(where n=2 in the plane and 3 in space) in some coordinate system.Introduction to Conic Sections and
*Conics and Circles Conic sections are the curves which can be derived from taking slices of a
“double-napped” cone. (A double-napped cone, in regular English, is two cones “nose to nose”, with the one
cone balanced perfectly on the other.) “Section” here is used in a sense similar to that in medicine or science,
where a sample (from a biopsy, for instance) is frozen or suused with a hardening resin, and then extremely
thin slices (“sections”) are shaved o for viewing under a microscope. If you think of the double-napped
cones as being hollow, the curves we refer to as conic sections are what results when you section the cones
at various angles.
Circles having equal radii are congruent.
The bluefocal parameterblack of the hyperbola is
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