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BOOK REVIEW HEIDI JOHANNA SPYRITotal page: 237 Total Chapter: 22Published: 1881 Genres: Classical NovelONE LINE REVIEW Share your Happiness.

OR Change your place as you like it. The full novel is all about a little girl Heidi and how she love the nature and when she was in the city she manage to live there.MAIN CHARACTER *Heidi *Clara *Peter *Uncle Alp *Grandmother *Miss Rottenmeier *Peter’s Grannie *Deite (Heidi’s aunt) *Sebastian *Mr. Seseman (Clara’s father) *DoctorPLOT Once there lived a five year old girl who name was Heidi. Her parents died and she lived with her aunt Deite then her aunt left her with her grandpa uncle Alp, who a man of few words. Heidi loved being with her grandpa, peter, peter’s grandma and with others. Then she was took with her aunt Deite to the city. There she got a new friend Clara.

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Heidi love her and Clara also love having around Heidi, Clara can’t walk. Clara always be in the wheelchair. Heidi didn’t like the character of Miss Rottenmeier but she love other like Clara, grandmother, Sebastian etc.

When she was there in the city she learn how to read and how to write Then Heidi came to see her grandpa then she gone to peter’s house to check how peter and others are. A week later Clara also came to uncle Alp’s house. There Heidi, Clara and Peter enjoyed a lot. Then after a while Clara started to walk. They went to the top of the hill. After a long time Clara and her family went back to their own house. Heidi spent rest of her life with her grandfather uncle Alp as she liked.

FAVORIET CHARACTER My favorite character in this novel are aunt Deite and Clara DEITE I like this character Deite when she took care of Heidi after her parents death and she also think about Heidi’s future. CLARA I like this character when she try to walk for the first time I like her will power. And her lover for nature and for Heidi. FAVORIET PART My favorite part of this novel was when the writer wrote about the place and nature and how he explain about Heidi. And when Heidi tell about her native place to clara and the time when clara came to uncle Alp’s house. LIKE AND DISLIKE I didn’t like the part when she longed for nature I like the part were the writer wrote about the Mother Nature Through this novel there are many new movies and cartoon.

I also love that movie but I love the novel more than the movie


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