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Last updated: January 1, 2020

Published as a serially: 1849 Published as a book: 1850
Total page: 200 Genres: Classical Novel
One Line Review . Hard work never fails OR Share your happiness. It’s about a kid who went many hardships in his life and how he got his own place in this world.

This story also tells about the Dickens life in the character named David Copperfield. In this novel Dickens drew his father’s picture as Mr.Micawber. The main character David Copperfield is also called Master Davy and when he was adopted by his aunt she changed his name as Trotwood. The story starts when Davy was born. After his father’s death his mother married another man. His stepfather Mr. Murdstone sent Davy to his friend’s school. He got many friends there. Meanwhile his mother died because of illness. After Davys mother’s died his stepfather took him out of his school. Then he went for work. He got no one in England and suddenly he think of his dads aunt miss Betsey. He went to her and asked for permission to stay with her. She was the one who was there when he was born Miss Betsy doesn’t like men at all. But she took care for him as her own child. Davy didn’t like to go to his house for vacation so he planned to go Clara’s house who worked as a servant when his mother was alive. Their Davy got tow friend Ham and Emily. When he was sent out of his school he worked in blacking factory
Now David Copperfield is a grown up men, so his aunt want him to go for a job. Meanwhile he got a good friend called Agnes daughter of Mr. Wickfied who was a lawyer. Then Davys aunt sent him to Mr. Jokins and Mr. Spenlow as a training period to become a lawyer. There he saw a young lady called Miss. Dora daughter of Mr. Spenlow. David and Dora got married. A year after Dora died because of her illness. Because of his sorrow his aunt told him to go to Switzerland. While he was on his travel he recalled all the things in his life his with his wife Dora, his mother, Clara, Tommy, Steer fort and also with Agnes. When he thinks of Agnes he thought how much he loves her. He returns to Agnes and pop the question to her. The climax is whether Agnes and David got Married or not
MAIN CHARACTER * David Copperfield OR Trotwood Copperfield -HERO *Dora Copperfield – HEROIN *Agnes Copperfield -HEROIN *Miss Betsy – AUNT *Miss Clara Peggotty -MAID *Mr. Dick -AUNTS FRIEND *Mr. Mudstone – 1 half villain *Mr. Uriah Heep -2 half villain *Emily *Ham *Tommy Traddles *J. Steerforth *Mr. Spenlow *Mr. Wickfield
FAVORITE CHARACTER My favorite character in this book is *David Copperfield *Miss Betsy *Mr. Dick DAVID COPPERRFIELD: I like this character because though he underwent many trials and tribulations he came over and live happily ever after in the last chapter of the book. MISS. BETSY: She didn’t like male child or men in spite of that took Davey and look after him as her own son this show how good she is. MR. DICK: I like the way he live is this novel in many situation he helped many like David and in the time when Emily ran away he actually he talk with sense but people don’t accept him
FAVORITE DIALOGUE I shall close my eyes upon her loving face and leave her to happier days says Dr. Strong in chapter 17
LIKE & DISLIKE IN THIS BOOK I like the part when David was at Mr. Peggotty house I didn’t like the part when he was with Mr. Mudstone I love this book very much. This book is for all the ages.

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