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Last updated: February 16, 2019

Black holes are mysterious parts of the universe. Albert Einstein general theory of relativity predicted black holes and is used to calculate the structure of black holes.

When a massive star dies, a black hole is formed. If the mass of the core is large enough, the force of gravity will be stronger than all other forces and the black hole is formed. A black hole has a large amount of matter that is compressed into a small area.

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Only massive stars can become black holes. Smaller stars turn into white dwarfs or neutron stars. The star’s fuels burn out and it collapses on itself. A black hole has extreme density and a gravitational pull so strong that even light can’t escape. The star’s light is trapped in orbit. The rays of light can’t escape from the black hole because the escape velocity is greater that the speed of light. The escape velocity is the velocity that is needed to break free of the gravitational pull of an object.Black holes pull other objects such as matter, planets and light that are passing close by in.

Once these objects are pulled in to the event horizon, there is no escape. The event horizon is “the boundary around the mouth of the black hole where light loses its ability to escape”. Because the gravitational pull of the black hole is so strong, space and time around it is distorted. Time run slower the closer you get to the black hole.Black holes can’t be observed the way that other objects in space can be seen. This is because they are small, distant and light can’t escape from them.

To observe them scientists, must look for the radiation that a black hole releases as it pulls in dust and gas. A black hole has 3 layers. The inner and outer event horizon and the singularity. The event horizon is a region in space not a physical object.

“The inner region of a black hole, where its mass lies, is known as its singularity”.


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