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Last updated: March 9, 2019

Bioterrorism as mention earlier in the introduction, is the use of biological agents as a weapon in a terror attack. They are release in order to cause disease or even death to the livings. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish bioterror attack from natural disease outbreak. It is vital to be prepared for any possibilities of bioterror attack if there is disease outbreak. Some preparation and preventions that have been taken including an early detection to an attack. A fast response and detection to an attack especially by the public health officials and health care workers is important in order to control the spreading of the disease hence reduce the number of victims and fatality.

The public health officials and healthcare worker would be the first responder in event of bioterrorism. It can be seen in many cases where the diagnosis of the problem was delayed because of the inefficiency of the medical provider to recognize the disease agents. Some laboratories may not prepared in term of equipment to deal with the causative agents. To be able to give an early diagnosis, the healthcare workers should be provided with appropriate training. Physician and other healthcare workers should be train to recognize any peculiar diseases and symptoms that might manifest a bioterror attack.

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They should also be train on how to deal with the situations. Any unusual symptoms and occurrence of disease should be reported to the health department. These responsibilities must be well understand by them.

Another method that is important in prevention of bioterrorism is a proper management of biological materials. The authorities must have control on all biological materials that have greatest risk of being use as a bioterrorism agents. Those materials or pathogens must be protected.

Enforcement of regulation such as limiting access towards dangerous biological materials and pathogens is one of many ways to prevent those materials from being use malignantly.


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