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Last updated: January 16, 2020

Biblical scholars view the crucifixion of Jesus through the world in, behind, and in front of the events in John 19. This strategy is helpful because it helps to define the way the world has developed with present events, historical events, and the way future events are influenced. John 19 plays a huge role in the bible, because it describes significant events in the life of Jesus. It holds the origins of the Easter holiday season, which includes Good Friday and Easter.

Without these events neither of these holidays would exist and Christian traditions would be drastically different. Jesus’ purpose on earth comes to fruition in this chapter when he says, “It is finished and bowed his head and gave up his spirit” (John 19:30). He sets out to complete his destiny when he comes to earth and he fulfills it in John 19. John 19 depicts Pilate as a significant character in the crucifixion, shows us who John understood to be responsible for Jesus’ death, and also depicts later Christian beliefs about who Jesus actually was.”John 19 begins with the punishment of Jesus, he receives a crown of thorns, and he experiences extreme pain and torture from the Roman soldiers” (John 19:1-3). “Pilate finds Jesus guilty of nothing and decides to bring him out to all of the people that want him to be crucified. The crowd frightens Pilate, because of their desire to kill an innocent man and he goes to speak with Jesus, but he will not answer any of Pilate’s questions.

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Pilate tells Jesus that he still has the ability to stop the crucifixion or to release him” (John 19:7-10). “The NOAB states that Jesus tells him that ‘Pilate has no power the only power that is to be possessed comes from above.’ Yet another attempt to release Jesus is made by Pilate, but the Jews continue to refuse him.

The Jews tell him that if he releases Jesus, he is not a friend of the king, Caesar. These people tell Pilate that Jesus told them that he was the son of god, so he is against Caesar” (John 19:11-12). “Jesus is brought in front of the crowd and Pilate tries to bargain with them. This does not change any of the peoples’ minds and they still desire that he is crucified.

This forces them to take Jesus away for his crucifixion” (John 19:13-16). “They force Jesus to carry his cross on the way to a place called Golgotha. There the crucifixion takes place and he is placed on the cross.

A title is written onto the cross by Pilate that says, “Jesus of Nazareth, king of the Jews” (John 19:17-19). “According to John 19:19, the inscription was made in many languages.” “Afterwards, soldiers began to divide Jesus’ clothing as soon as he was dead on the cross. Then it describes the people that surrounded the cross, Jesus’ mother, Mary, her sister, the wife of Clopas, Mary Magdalene, and one of the disciples that Jesus loved.

Jesus tells the disciple to ‘take his mother into his home’, which he does” (John 19:23-27). “Jesus then claims to be thirsty, so a soldier covers a sponge in vinegar and puts it on a stick and holds it up to Jesus. After this takes place Jesus says ‘It is finished’ and dies, then the Jews ask for the dead bodies to be removed from the crosses on the day of religious worship and rest. After the Jews ask, Pilate sends his soldiers to break the legs of the two men crucified next to Jesus to make sure they would die, and they find out that Jesus had already died. A soldier chooses to stab Jesus in his side anyways, which causes water and blood to run out of Jesus” (John 19:28-34).

His dead body is received by Joseph, it is then prepared and placed into a tomb in the garden near his crucifixion” (John 19:38-42).


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