Beyonce is an American singer-songwriter and actress. Beyonce would be considered a figure of musical inspiration because she is the embodiment of hard work and dedication. For over 16 years, Beyonce has proven to be an icon in the female music industry, not to mention African-American female music industry. Even through family issues, marriage, and business complications, Beyonce today is one of the leading artists of the millennium and a person of many talents. As a child, she entered many competitions and church choirs which later revealed her love and talent for musical performance. She would compete in talent shows where she would beat kids twice her age with just her vocal range, and later on, went to high school that specialized in performing arts. When she got older, her dad placed her into a musical girl group, which you may know as Destiny’s Child. Beyonce’s musical career wasn’t always as successful as it is now. In fact, before her group was known as Destiny’s Child, they were kicked off record labels because they just weren’t good enough. However, after being placed under new management, they became one of the top girl groups and won many awards. One of their most recognized hits, “Say My Name”, won the Best R;B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and the Best R;B Song at the 43rd Annual Grammy Awards. In 2008, Beyonce married Jay-Z, and unlike most celebrities, they keep most of their private life, well, private. Still, they have maintained a healthy relationship with each other. Beyonce’s first pregnancy, unfortunately, ended in a miscarriage, which lead to her depression. Later, however, Blue Ivy was born, and all became well. Jay-Z had recorded his next single, in which Blue Ivy’s cries were heard, and only at two days old, was the youngest person to arrive on the National Billboard.
Beyonce has fought through many hard times, but look where she is now. She is an inspiration to all. She has given away her salaries and earnings to charities of her choice and once even teamed up with Michelle Obama to help children across America fight obesity. All in all, Beyonce is an incredible woman to look up to. She helps us value and realize our worth as individuals. What I have gained through looking inside the life of such an amazing icon is that we can all take our hardships in life and use them to strengthen us in a way to help mold our future for success.


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