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Between American made trucks, such as Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge, people are always comparing, and arguing which is better. Chevrolet and Ford are quite alike in comparison, but Chevy pulls in the lead with quality and performance. Chevy’s model of the 2018 Silverado HD offers a combination of capability and comfort. “The Silverado is equipped with steering wheel controls to manage your phone calls and cruise control, 110V power outlets to charge anything you need on the go, along with a wireless charging pad for compatible smartphones.

The truck comes with a 7-inch diagonal color touch screen display, with an available 8-inch if preferred.” The firm foam support seats come in leather or cloth of your choosing, along with the availability to get heated and power moving seats (Warner, Robin “2018 Chevrolet Silverado Essentials: 100 Years old and still growing.” Autoweek. 5 Sep. 2018. Web. 5 Sep.

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2018.). As stated on the Chevrolet website, the Chevy Silverado is “Designed to work as hard as you”. The truck is equipped with “spray-on bed liner, that is a permanent bonded layer added to your cargo box. It adds a thick, water-sealed finish that helps prevent extra damage to, as Chevy calls it, “the backbone” to your truck.

” You don’t see very many trucks without bed liner in them and having Chevy put it in for you already is a great addition. If you wanted something even fancier, you could “add LED light to your box also for night loading”, which would be great just to have in general. “The truck also comes with cargo tie downs and bed clamps” for when you’re hauling anything in the bed of your truck, you already have easy access to hooks to keep it secure. “These hooks are rated to hold down 250 pounds”, so you can really make sure that your cargo is held down nice and tight. The best part about the Chevy bed’s, are that “they have corner step rear bumper’s” now for when you’re trying to get up and in the box of your truck, you don’t have to run and jump, or get up on your knees, which is a great thing for older gentlemen using the trucks for farming and hauling stuff around. The Chevy Silverado 2500HD is a great tow pig. Most often people are buying trucks to haul something in the bed, or off the hitch, or both and something that is tough enough to do so and you don’t ever want to think about if you have enough power to do so. “This truck can tow up to 14,800 pounds with its standard Vortec 6.

0L V8. With being able to haul this big of a load, the truck also comes with its tow/haul mode that adjust your transmission shifts to reduce shift cycling when you’re towing or hauling heavy loads or going up steep hills.” This is great, so you don’t put as much wear and tear and pressure on your transmission system, which everyone is up for. Another great advantage of the new 2018 Chevy truck is that is has “trailer sway control, helping you detect your trailer swaying so you avoid accidents and hill start assist, holding the brakes momentarily or until you press the gas, giving you more time to switch from pedal to pedal without rolling back. The Echo Master trailering camera system that they have hooked up to these trucks is also great for hauling, as it adds 4 more cameras to help you eliminate your blind spots” (n.

page. Chevrolet. Web.


“The 2013 1500 Chevy Silverado is equipped with a 4.8L V8 flex fuel engine that produces 302 horsepower and 305-foot pounds of torque. This engine provides high quality power. The flex fuel engine allows the Silverado to run on regular unleaded gasoline, E85 ethanol, or a combination of both. This truck gets about 15 miles per gallon running around the city and about 22 on the highway, running on regular unleaded fuel. While Fords 2013 F-150 has a 5.

0L V8 engine that creates 360 horsepower and 380-foot pounds of torque. This engine does over power the Chevy, however it can’t run on E85 without upgrading the package and increasing the price to the overall truck. On city miles, the truck gets about 14 mpg and on highway about 19 mpg. The two trucks are very close as stock models, but the Chevy has the overall grab on fuel efficiency.” (Warner, Robin “2018 Chevrolet Silverado Essentials: 100 Years old and still growing.” Autoweek. 5 Sep.

2018. Web. 5 Sep. 2018.). The Chevy Silverado of any year is a great vehicle for anyone as a casual vehicle, a tow pig, or as a working truck on the farm or at any job. It has great accommodations on the inside for capability and comfort along with great advantages to their truck beds. The truck gets great gas mileage both in the city and on the highway, along with still having a great engine for performance.

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