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Computer cuts the wood! Isn’t it unusual to hear from you? In reality, it overwrites the traditional wood-crafting process for DIY. CNC brings wood crafting to the next level. Best CNC router or Computer Numerical Control will let the hobbyists or craftsmen do their wood crafting with precision and ease. This is completely a software generated, predetermined wood cutting process.

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In this article, we have reviewed the market leading CNC routers which are used by the hobbyists at home and professionals at the workshop. These are the famous brands you know of USA and China. Come along to find here the best CNC router today at an affordable price.

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1 Chart: Find The Best CNC Router You Need!
2 Next Level of DIY with Best CNC Router
3 The 8 Best CNC Router Reviews of Top Brands Today
3.1 1. E3 CNC Router
3.2 2. Zen Toolworks CNC Carving Machine
3.3 3. MYSWEETY 1610 DIY Kit
3.4 4. DIY CNC Router Kits
3.5 5. LinkSprite DIY CNC 3 Axis Engraver Machine
3.6 6. CNC Piranha FX
3.7 7. Piranha XL
3.8 8. Desktop CNC Router
4 Final Thoughts
4.1 Recommended Resources

Chart: Find The Best CNC Router You Need!

In this chart, we have reviewed 8 of the top brands in the market today. Each of these routers has been designed considering your needs. So, no matter if you are a novice or a professional wood-turner, you can find your deserving one here.


Product Name

Bottom Line


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E3 CNC Router

E3 CNC Router

Weight:26 p
Dimensions: 25″ x 19″ x 25″
Size: 25″ x 25″ x 19″
Volt: 115v

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Zen Toolworks CNC

Zen Toolworks CNC Carving Machine

Weight: 16.9 p
Dimensions: 10.7″ x 5.7″ x 16″


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Weight: 11.2 p
Dimensions: 14.2″ x 9.2″ x 6.5″?
Work for: Plastic, Wood, PVC, Acrylic etc.


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DIY CNC Router Kits

DIY CNC Router Kits

Weight: 16.52p
Dimensions: 17.7″ x 9.5″ x 7.4″
Size: CNC3018
Volt: 12-36v; 24v


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LinkSprite DIY CNC

LinkSprite DIY CNC 3 Axis Engraver Machine

Dimensions: 2″ x 2″ x 3″


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CNC Piranha FX

CNC Piranha FX

Weight:58.9 p
Dimensions: 23″ x 16″ x 16″
(z-axis curves up to 3″ deep)


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CNC Piranha XL

Piranha XL

Weight:75 p
Dimensions: 36″ x 24.5″ x 25″
Cutting area: 12″ x 24″ and cuts up to 3″-4″ deep

Highly Recommended

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3 AXIS 800W 6040 Desktop CNC Router

Desktop CNC Router

(air-cooled VFD/0.8KW)
3 axis, 800w motor, 24000rpm/min


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Next Level of DIY with Best CNC Router

The best CNC router brought to you will ease your life for woodworking. Not only that, it will bring you the next level of wood crafting experience. What’s that makes everything ease is the CNC system. CNC is nothing but a computer programming or a software, which makes a pre-designed arch on wood.

What you need for the whole process are a computer or laptop and a USB 2.0 flash drive. When you insert the flash drive into the programming unit, you will see that the project is taking form automatically. So, let’s see how it works by different routers here in this chart.
The 8 Best CNC Router Reviews of Top Brands Today

Here we have made a list of top brands of CNC routers. This list comes with hard labor and research. We tried our best to find you the best products. Hope this will help you find what you need.
1. E3 CNC Router

You can tell that a lot of thought was put into the design of Bobs E3 CNC Kit. And by looking at its stellar craftsmanship, you know that it was made in the USA.
Best CNC Router

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It can fit the needs of a vast array of different consumers. From the beginning, hobbyist setting up shop in his garage, to the seasoned craftsmen who want a sturdy and reliable workhorse, the E3 will get the job done.

Some people may be intimidated by the thought of having to assemble the machine after delivery. But Bobs CNC makes the assembly process a breeze with detailed manuals available. Tons of video instructions can be found walking you through the entire process.

What makes this kit so great is that it gives you everything you need to turn your ideas into reality, right out of the box. It is made mostly out of wood, and everything fits neatly together and is held in place by Phillips screws. In fact, all you need to put it together is a screwdriver, pliers, and wire strippers.

The Dewalt DW660 router that is included in the kit is nothing to sneeze at, put the right attachment on the five AMP 30,000 RPM motor, and it will cut through a wide variety of hard materials with accurate precision and ease.

The one drawback is that it does not come with any software. However, to the user who has a liking to a particular program, this could also be an advantage. There is no need to worry if you are a software naive though, Bob’s CNC does have recommendations on which programs to use.


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