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Last updated: July 25, 2019

Besides that, sometimes people also travel for the purpose of health. They travel to another country to get better treatment for their disease. Apart from finding a good treatment, travel itself could be the best medication for them. This is because once you travel; you can relieve stress, lower the risk of depression and boost happiness in yourself. Speaking about getting better treatment, this statement is not about they are rich enough or not but they prefer to go to another country to receive treatment because of the shorter wait times. They cannot wait any longer if their disease declines. They need something fast to recover them – not fully recover but at least there is an improvement than before.

Sometimes, they looking for a specialist doctor because no specialist doctor in their country. Other than that, you have to let yourself free by throwing all those unimportant things and go get some fresh air. Fresh air is good for health. Fresh air can increase oxygen in blood and in turn, it gives more energy so that you will become more energetic.

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You can also pampering yourself like doing a body massage, face facial, hair salon and anything that can satisfied you and yourself. As everyone knows, going for a vacation tend to make people become happier. It is been scientifically proven that travel will increase your happiness, decrease your depression and chill you out. So no matter how busy you are, do find some time to go for a vacation.

Choosing a cheap vacation is alright as long as you can relax your body, mind and soul.


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