Topic: Literature

Last updated: November 20, 2019

Beowulf is a story of honor, glory and the praisable achievements of an epic hero. Beowulf, from a strong, brave warrior to a powerful, humble king, was a courageous, admirable man who obtained everyone’s respect. Beowulf fought many battles throughout his whole life and traveled to a new land to defend its people from a vicious monster, who would not stop targeting them every night at Herot.

His story is told in an epic of Anglo-Saxon literature: Beowulf. There are three different battles that are told o his great honor in this story. The Battle with grendel, the battle with grendel’s mother, and the last battle. The first battle, the battle with grendel is about a devilish monster wreaking havoc on Herot and killing the king Hrothgar’s men.

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The second batle or the battle with grendel’s mother was a retaliation battle of sorts. The death of grendel devastated her so she wanted to seek vengeance and Beowulf set out seeking and locating her. The third battle named appropriately the last battle was between Beowulf and a demonous dragon who began terrorising the villages in the town, burning things to crisps.


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