Topic: History

Last updated: July 5, 2019

Being supportive to someone with dementia will support them to feel valued and respected. They are an individual and the support should be focused on their abilities, needs and promoting their wellbeing. Getting to know the person and their personal history, their likes and dislikes, what they enjoy doing and what is important to them. Eg.

They might enjoy going to church every Sunday, they prefer to wear their hair in a certain style. Understanding how someone with dementia feels and thinks and offering reassurance will promote their self-esteem and improve the persons confidence. A person with dementia may become upset because they may be aware that something is changing with them, but they might not understand what it is and could struggle with their day to day living skills. Good communication with someone with dementia will help them feel at ease, and not isolated and it will encourage inclusion. Giving choices and including the person with matters which concerns them even if you are concerned that the person does not understand, explanations should be given to why and what you are doing.

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