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Last updated: January 31, 2019

Being able to speak another language can be extremely beneficial to anyone who takes the time to learn another language. Students should learn how to speak another language because several future benefits come from it. It can help students by discovering a new culture, and it opens up worldwide job opportunities. Studying a new language means that you would have to learn the simple rules for words and how they come together.Students that learn a second language can discover new cultures. Learning a second language in a different country can help you communicate and learn more about the lifestyle of that country.

Just last year I had gone to visit my family in Ethiopia. It was difficult for me in the beginning cause I felt a little bit out of place not knowing what everyone was talking about. Now I think about how it would have been if I learned and been able to communicate better with my family and friends. It would have been more comfortable if I have known the language like talking to people, listening to local music or watching TV if I had taken the time to learn the language.Learning a second language also can help with worldwide of job opportunities.

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Nowadays more companies are doing more work around the world. This means they would have to hire someone and pay them a lot of money to translate for them. Why pay someone to translate for you? Instead of you taking few days of your time to learn. Even in small, companies, the chances of speaking a second language will set you apart from other employees. Ever taught about being those people that work at the airport. Just imagine all the traveling they do all around the world all the time and speaking so many languages and experience the different part of the world.Not everyone agrees with that all students should learn a second language.

It would mostly be the parents or the students who would disagree with this. Parents think it would be so much work for the students knows that they already have other essential subjects to worry about like reading, writing, math, etc. Students feel that they shouldn’t be forced to learn a second language because it is a waste of their time and probably would never use it.

As you can see that learning a second language can be very helpful in life and your future for students and others around the world. There are a lot of life opportunities that come with learning a second language as I have explained in my essay here. Discovering a second language benefits not only students but also people all around the world. Take like few hours from your day and learn another language and about their remarkable culture.


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