Before the split of the Roman Empire and the fall of the Western Roman Empire. Rome witnessed its rise and fall throughout the Roman Empire. From Christianity being introduced to the Romans do to trade routes(silk road), to the division of the empire which lead to chaos. Between 100 C.E. and 600 C.E. the Romans were being changed drastically to Christian religion being a new meta for their religion. To the empire split of East and West which lead to chaos, the fall of the west empire, and backstabbing among each other along with being attacked by others.
Roman’s political system through 100-600 C.E. was changing majorly when it became oversized. At first the Roman Empire invaded other provinces and empires for land and to expand themselves to make a bigger empire. However this came with setbacks to the empire and its political system. The Empire became so big that it became difficult to take of such a big Empire. That made Diocletian split the empire in two, making it easier to manage and avoid collapse of the whole empire at once. Thus the East and West empire was made, and while the eastern empire was doing marvelously the western empire while dealing with possible backstab of their former friends. They also had Germans and Huns attack them leading to the fall and destruction of the western empire. Because the empire split the eastern empire was living life while the western empire was witnessing the fall of their empire do to being backstabbed, not having a stable empire to support themselves, and eventually being overthrown by German leaders.
The Roman culture was also being majorly changed when Constantine and Christianity took the floor. Before Constantine became the leader of Rome and changed religions, many Romans didn’t tolerant Christianity and wanted nothing to do with it because they were happy with their religions. However when Constantine took control he made the edict of milan and converted to Christianity. The religion Christianity spread rapidly because of this. Do to Constantine converting to Christianity, it became the new religion throughout the Roman empire making it practiced by everyone from 100 C.E. – 600 C.E. and continuing. Because Constantine became the leader of the Empire and became Christian , the whole Empire must change with Constantine.and do so happily.
Despite all the changes in the Roman Empire, there were still some continuities in the empire such as their laws and their latin language. For instance, though the romans lost over half their empire, they still kept their laws to prevent the ending of the rest of the roman empire and themselves. The continuation of the Roman laws allowed their empire to last longer, also their laws are used as a reference to the laws we use and live by today and in modern society. In addition, though they changed their religion to Christianity and made open to anyone to practice it. They still kept latin text and language alive for their legislation, imperial administration, and military uses in and out of the field. So even when Christianity was used used as their new religion, the Romans still spoke and wrote in Latin for everything they did including the Bible. Therefore throughout the timeline 100 C.E. to 600 C.E. the Roman Empire had many ups and downs. Though after facing a falling empire and managing to survive and begin a new. After the fall the Eastern empire renamed itself to the Byzantine Empire and rebuilt most things they lost. To adopting a new religion done by Constantine and Silk Road allowing people to practice and learn Christianity freely. Because of Constantine and silk road the Roman Empire came to tolerate and learn a new religion without attempting to fight or overthrow Constantine. Therefore throughout 100 C.E. to 600 C.E. the Roman Empire cultivated a new religion, split into two empires, backstabbed each other, and witnessed a fall of the western empire.


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