Topic: EconomicsEconomic Problems

Last updated: April 29, 2019

Before the fall of shogunate japan happened, a forced opening of japan following Matthew Perry’s (US Commodore) arrival contributed to the fall of shogunate japan.This caused socio-economic problems. The silver and gold exchange by foreigners after signing an agreement upset the domestic price structure. This lead to rise and fall in the prices of local goods and brought many economic hardships to the japanese people. The import of many cheap foreign resources wiped out cottage industries causing unemployment for many.

This soon spread throughout the country. A movement called the sonno joi was soon set up. The peasants, samurai and court nobles all supported this movement. In this way the agreements with the west not only made the fall of shogunate now inevitable, it sped up the collapse. There were lots of foreign outbursts.

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The kagoshima and shimonoseki in choshu and satsuma were two of the events. These two clans gave up the policy of Joi. This caused weakening of the shoguns power and began to speed up the fall of the shogunate


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