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Last updated: April 3, 2019

because of the technology involved with delivering the material. The students were provided with a guideline of protocols for using the online classroom. A virtual schools link was created within the learning management system (Blackboard) and students were advised to join the session ten to 15 minutes prior to the commencement of the tutorial. This was to allow time to download and install the related software. The virtual classroom link automatically downloaded and installed the! virtual classroom software on the student’s computer or laptop. On the completion of the download students were required to configure their microphone and speakers. Once all technical issues were addressed the class commenced. The teacher maintained control of the microphone as a means to effectively manage who spoke and when they spoke. Student names appeared on the left side of the screen giving the teacher a readable class list at all times. Prior to class interaction, students were refresh that the sessions were being recorded and that the recordings would be made available to all students in the unit as a resource. This served a dual purpose because it ensured respect was maintained between students; and second, it obey the legal requirements. Teaching tools available within this virtual environment included, verbal discussions, text chat, write, draw and paste images on a shared whiteboard, and the ability to view and share documents.


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