Topic: PsychologyDevelopment

Last updated: November 1, 2019

Based on the data gathered by Jennie’s parent, she is observed to be healthy. She is equally attached to both of her parents. However, on weekdays, she will be in school from morning till evening while both of her parents goes to work. On weekends, she will invest most of her time at home with her family. Her family does not by any mean practice to go for outings that regularly. Despite the fact that she was not exposed by associating with the public, she was able to adapt socializing well with her peers.As her family communicates in English most of the time, this has given Jennie a great influence as she was able to use proper language and communication with her peers and teachers.

In one of the infamous example of this occurring is with Genie, a child who was locked in a dark room with extremely little human contact until the point that she was rescued at age 13. She was never able to develop language familiarity since it was never taught to her. In this way, by exposing the children with more language skills from a young age is additionally fundamental to child development.

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