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bang the door rumbled it was the Russian soldier I ran down to the basement to pick up the weapon but I was outnumbered I heard multiple footsteps. My name Is Leonardo Ezone I am a scientist which has discovered the invention of first war robot. I must go on a journey to give my wife Annie Ezone the invention to keep safe. It started in the mid 1950 when I started my research about invisibility and discovered it was possible to become invisible but my co-worker deton Roberto who had betrayed me because he wanted the credit for the invention and leaked this invention with the Russian solider, that why the Russian soldier have been hunting me down since then and have come very close to catching me so I must do something quick. I had a tunnel under my house which lead to the city of Moscow which the tunnel was 100 football fields. I had only 20 days before my wife had to ship off to France in safety of herself because the soldier would kill her but before I went to Moscow I must go and meet my friend which had keep the invention safe for me as the army wanted to use it for war and it was very dangerous too use. I began my journey in the tunnel I will take u back and explain where I’m from and who I am.

I am Leonardo Ezone I was born in France my mother was French and my step father was Russian so I had to move to Russian my step father was the chief of the Russian army, he made me a scientist to discover something that would help them save Russian life from the war but I found out that my step father had other bad intention of using it. My real father was shot and killed in the war, I spent 5 days in the tunnel. The tunnel was disgusting it smelt and was filled with rodent and insects but I had no choice. I reached Kiev 6 days later to meet my friend Andy. My step father had ordered all the soldier to find me and kill me so I have no time to waste. As I approached Andy house I heard shots and hid behind the house next to Andy’s69+. The soldier where there I watched them tear the house down but found nothing they left after as I walked in the door I saw a body full of blood I was shock it was Andy he was dead I cried and remembered the moment we had as kids and he was always there for me when I need him.

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He was not just a friend but more like my brother. In his jacket I found a letter that said the name of our favourite book. I began searching the house but found nothing when I remember the book that he had written on the note I picked the book up and open it and there it was the location of the invention and keys to the locker he had put it in, He had kept it in Moscow so I could escape Russia as soon as possible.


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