Bamboo oriented strand board is a composite that contains three layers such as two outer layers and one inner layer. The adhesives such as polyvinyl acetate and soy bean glue are used as wood bonding. Example, the bamboo fibres are bonded together by using the soy bean glue or polyvinyl acetate and form into a layer of board. The finer size of bamboo fibres are used to make the outer layer of the OSB while the larger size of bamboo fibres are used to make the inner layer of OSB.

Figure : The schematic of model framework
As shown in schematically figure 1, the board properties were calculated, and there are three types of length scale to be considered such as micro (the bamboo strand), meso (the strand and resin) and macro (a thin sublayer with a distribution of strands and the entire board). There are a few of parameters that are very important in this approach. Example, the compacted strand densities and thicknesses; strand, fines, resin, and void volume fractions; and resin coverage characteristics (resin thickness and resin area coverage) in the different layers of the board.

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