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Last updated: January 22, 2019

Background:? Owen wrote this in the Craighlockhart War Hospital in Edinburgh? Written in 1918, Owen captures the damage to men’s minds as a result of war. Owen’s aim is to shock, to describe the in stark detail the ghastly physical symptoms of mental torment.? Similar to Dulce Et Decorum Est, Owen shows men in their prime become senile wrecks.? It can be highly contrasted with the poem by Seigfriend Sasson, “repression of war experience”.? Mental cases = It can be both personal and impersonal.

Mental case can be referred to a person with a medical condition or the whole concept of mental conditions as a whole. For example, if you have a father who has a mental condition where he cannot remember you, you will know him for what he was before, thus the personal sense, but not what he is now, thus the impersonal sense.They also don’t tell you what the mental case is even though there are many, indicating that it is rather impersonal.

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